Glossier Q&A with Emily Weiss


The beauty world was abuzz when Glossier launched this past October. The beauty and skincare brand designed to take the guesswork out of beauty as an extension of Into The Gloss creator, Emily Weiss’ beauty empire. After the whirlwind success of the blog, and trying every product under the sun, Weiss and her team started to ‘get it’: they needed to created a highly edited collection of modern staples reflecting how women get ready every day.

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The brand claims that beauty should be fun, easy, imperfect, and personal so it was time to get personal with Weiss and put her in the haute seat…

How difficult is it to create a successful blog in an oversaturated beauty market?

EW: First, we are our best and our own worst critics. It’s important to look to your community for feedback though.

What does being a blogger mean?

EW: I think there is no definition of blogger. Authenticity is the number one thing that matters to being a good blogger though because readers see reviews about tons of products and you have to narrow it down.

How did your blog develop into a brand and what was everyone’s reaction?

EW: It’s hard to know what to listen to [in terms of beauty recommendations]. We had a mood board in my apartment, which has now moved into this office. We started having focus groups, which I don’t even go into because I’m so critical and can’t hear it. It’s hard to know what opinions to listen to [when starting a brand] and you have to realize that you’re never going to make everyone happy.

How do you pick products for your beauty routine?

EW: Think about the 1950’s, you’d go to Macy’s and there wasn’t as many choices or call up your friend Gale for a recommendation. Now, people say “I’m going to check Into the Gloss”. Glossier is equal parts internal input and community feedback. It’s like a friend making a recommendation to a friend. If you’re friend recommends Glossier, you’re going to check it out.

How do you view beauty?

EW: I had a of anxiety issues growing up and in my early 20’s and part of it was because I felt bad…that i felt bad. I learned it’s okay to tell people “I’m not in a great mood today” if I’m not. I can’t imagine growing up in this day and age with so many beauty options. I did hear though now that there is currently a Youtube trend about girls showing acne. These girls are actually owning their real beauty which is cool.

How would you describe Glossier as a brand?

EW: Glossier is like a chameleon. We’re ever changing and it’s real life!

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