Pre-Coachella Prep: How to Get Ready For a Trip

coachella prep

We all know there’s the Coachella diet, (it’s a thing, google it), however as a beauty blogger I’m more about a different head to toe prep. And I’m not talking about the fashion — I’m saving the big outfit reveals for the music festival, especially since I’m hitting the scene with Patricia Field! And since I’m a beauty gal at heart, here’s how I prep:

  1. The night before shave – Judgments aside I’m generally a power shaver who slathers on some eos Shave Cream (I’m partial to the Lavender Jasmine scent) and does quick upward motions while standing up and calls it a day. However, not before a trip. I have a pre-shave ritual where I lay in a bath for a few minutes (it hydrates the hairs) and then apply my EOS and take my time following the lines of the cream so every inch of my legs are covered. I like EOS since it’s a rich foam but not so thick that it’s clogging my razor so I can get a deep shave (plus it leaves my legs super smooth). Of course the razor is a big deal as well, I’m a big fan of the Gillette Venus Swirl, however it disappeared out of my shower (I must have brought it on a trip!) so I’ve been using the Gillette Venus Embrace, which is also a five-blade razor to get a deep shave. I then pack a travel razor (I like the Gillette Venus Snap) for touch ups during the trip. Admittedly I have to be mindful with the Snap when I shave (the condensed wand does make me more prone to cut if I’m rushing), however it’s light years ahead of any disposable razors I’ve used.paintbox manicure
  1. Paintbox Gel Manicure – If you want seriously cool nails, Paintbox is where you go in NYC. Founded by Eleanor Langston, a veteran magazine beauty editor, Paintbox offers a seasonal collection of super cool nail designs and colors reminiscent of runway and editorial trends. While they offer regular polish manicures, I’m partial to gel when I’m going on vacation since the last thing I have time for at Coachella is chipped nails! AND HOW COOL IS THIS DESIGN!?!beauty rx peel bar
  1. Skin Prep! – I love getting skin treatments pre-trip, however I always get nervous recommending facials right before to anyone that doesn’t get them regularly since breaking out can be a normal reaction. Alternatively, I LOVE the Peel Bar by BeautyRX! It’s amazing and actually not a facial but a professional strength glycolic peel at BeautyRx’s Peel Bar at Butterfly Studio Salon in NYC. Deemed a two-minute skin fix – it’s the same 40% gentle-yet-effective glycolic peel Dr. Schultz performs in his practice uptown, and as someone who’s done both treatments I can vouch for it. The service ($50) is simple and easy: skin is thoroughly cleansed, and the pH balanced and buffered glycolic peel is applied.  And in 2 minutes it gently dissolves the top layer of dead, uneven skin to reveal gorgeous skin underneath. Your skin will glow and everything from your skincare regiment to makeup application will go on smoother without that layer of dead skin.  Best part (besides how quick the service is), it’s great for all skin types and causes no redness, downtime, or irritation – just glowing skin.blink brow bar saks fifth avenue
  1. All about Brows – Scheduling an eyebrow threading within a few days of leaving for a trip is a must, however for Coachella I decided to up my game and head to BLINK Brow Bar at Saks Fifth Avenue for a Tinting (and Threading). My brows are fairly full so by getting them tinted a shade darker it makes them more intense the way a pencil or powder would, without any of that effort. Best part is it lasts for a month and only takes a few minutes to do! For anyone with sparse brows, BLINK also offers a Build-A-Brow service (think eyelash extensions but for eyebrows) to achieve thicker, fuller brows in just 1 treatment. If you’re looking for any eyelash or brow service in NYC, definitely check them out. Their prices are very reasonable and the services are top and jane salon
  1. Hair crazy! Normally, I time my haircuts around trips (or a big event) so my strands are on point. However, if ever a time to try a daring new do or add some crazy color, it’s for Coachella. I’ve been going to Fox & Jane Salon for my cuts for some time and considering they are known for their color, I trusted them for my big chop and blue/green hair. I had inspiration pictures from everyone from Alexa Chung to Kylie Jenner and they nailed it! I got my dream hair and it’s so soft (it’s a miracle for all that bleach). Plus they use R+Co products, which is one of my favorite lines.
  1. Oil Pulling – The oral therapy that dates back 3,000 years became a hot beauty trend in 2014 for its benefits of drawing out toxins and improving oral health. Typically, one swishes sesame, sunflower or coconut oil in their mouth for 15-20 minutes and spits out as part of a nightly routine before brushing to improve their overall health. Sounds great in theory, and as someone who uses Coconut oil for everything (makeup remover, hair, skin irritations…), I was all for it. Unfortunately, I could not stomach the taste or experience in my mouth. Recently, I discovered GuruNanda Pulling Oil, which contains a proprietary blend of all three oils plus peppermint oil and it’s transformed the experience for me. It’s much gentler without the heavy taste of any of the oils and recommends starting with 2 minutes of swishing and working up to 15 (although I had no problem starting doing it the whole time). It yields cleaner, whiter teeth and fresher breath with many reporting systemic changes ranging from increased energy to weight loss to decreased pain. (If only all products came with that side effect).

Do you have a pre-trip ritual? Leave a comment or tweet me @prettyconnected and let me know! xoLara