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Pre-Coachella Prep: How to Get Ready For a Trip

coachella prep

We all know there’s the Coachella diet, (it’s a thing, google it), however as a beauty blogger I’m more about a different head to toe prep. And I’m not talking about the fashion — I’m saving the big outfit reveals for the music festival, especially since I’m hitting the scene with Patricia Field! And since I’m a beauty gal at heart, here’s how I prep:

Dr. Neal Schultz Launches BeautyRX Skincare

Welcome BeautyRx Skincare!

NYC based dermatologist, author and founder of DermTV.com, Dr. Neal Schultz, has recently launched the skincare line, BeautyRx. With 10,000+ patient visits/year at his Park Avenue practice, Dr. Schultz had the unique opportunity to collect over a decade of patient’s feedback and research to create a his collection of 21 products now available to the public. Consisting of exfoliators, cleansers, toners, creams and moisturizers and sunscreens, BeautyRX is formulated with innovative proprietary compounds to give women more beautiful, younger looking and healthier skin.

Pushing education, his skincare collection focuses on ‘accessibility and accountability’. Two pillars Dr. Schultz takes very seriously. Which is why he’s also launched BeautyRX Live, a monthly live chat available on his website for consumers to ask questions, concerns and have direct access to him.

The first step, “know your skin type” (which if you don’t already know, you can visit his website for help). From there