Workout Wednesday: Krav Maga in K-DEER

In celebration of workout Wednesday I wanted to share a workout class and fitness brand Aryka and I recently discovered.  We were invited to the Krav Maga Academy in NYC to test out a class and it was so beyond anything I imagined (in a good way). I had a friend get into Krav Maga last year and honestly didn’t know too much about it past it was an Israeli fighting style developed by their military before walking into the studio. Now I see it as a very practical and fun self-defense course that mixes martial arts, boxing, wrestling and basically everything else to do what you need to do to get away from an attacker.

The Juice Shop NYC

The first half was very physical and got the heart rate up (jumping jacks, push-ups, punching movements…) and then came the combat portion where you use different defense techniques and test them out on your partner (with a punching cushion in between you so you’re not actually feeling the impact). The class was so fun and at the end we were super pumped up, which was a really nice change since usually I’m exhausted after giving that much energy to anything. It was an exceptional work out and I dare anyone to try and choke me (but, not really, because that’s scary) although I did learn a lot. The entire experience was very empowering and it was evident that no matter how petite you are, with these tactics you can easily take down someone twice your size and beyond. It was mostly an all girls class and we celebrated after with some juices from The Juice Shop to refuel are bodies.

K-Deer bright leggings

krav maga academy nycAs for our outfits, in a room of black attire, Aryka and I stuck out like no other in our vibrant K-Deer leggings. (Everyone was loving them, and I was also stopped on the subway three times to ask where I got them). As you all know I love me some bright leggings but most of mine are more cute then functional. These on the other hand we’re awesome to work out in. For starters they are super fun and made of high-performance fabrics so then don’t stretch out or pill as well as provide a UPV 50+ so they protect against UV rays (and the effects of sun, chlorine, and saltwater).  They are seamless and elastic-free so they are comfortable and don’t slide down (there will be no awkward plumber cracks no matter how you move). They also suck everything in and are high wasted so my stomach was secure and are cut super long so any of you with model legs will be fully covered. K-Deer also uses eco-friendly dyes and finishes and are all  manufactured in the US. Plus anyone can spot you from a mile away!

Krav Maga class

K-Deer leggings

I hope this inspires you to get out a move! The older I get I realize the importance of really taking care of my body and releasing positive endorphins.