Our Favorite Products to Get Thick, Full, Cara Delevingne Eyebrows

Cara Delevingne

If there’s one beauty trend that’s proved it’s not going anywhere, it’s big, bold Cara Delevingne brows! I have spent countless hours testing, growing, filling in, and learning about what it takes to have bodacious brows and the good news is with the right tools, better brows are possible for everyone.

Some of the best advice we got on brows was from “Boom Boom”, owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar. She reminded us that one very important thing to remember is brows are hair, so they grow and change, which complicates matters. And depending on how they are behaving, you may have to change the way you handle them. I’d like to note I’ve tested all of the below products and here’s my candid feedback.

Boom Boom Push-Up Brow  Highlighting Pencil and Tarte "The Brow Architect" all in one brow pencil

To get the most out of your current brows start by highlighting those beauties with a brow highlighting pencil such as Boom Boom Push-Up Brow Highlighting pencil.   Use the matte concealer side on the brow bone to create the illusion of lift and to camouflage stragglers that grow.  Dab the sparkle side on the inside corner of the eye for a dash of pop, and/or line the lower inside of the eye with the matte side to make eyes look awake.

The Tweezerman Eyenhance Brow Definer and Highlighter duo was my first love when I started experimenting with filling in my brows.  It was super easy to apply and the shade blended perfectly with my complexion and I hardly had to reapply.  One day as I ran out I was frantically searching everywhere for it and was out of stock and rumor had it was discontinued. While this forced me to try other products, I’m happy to report it’s back in stock!  I should also note it comes with it’s own sharpener. (Major perk.)


For the convince of an all in one pencil product try Tarte’s The Brow Architect pencil ($23). The middle section twists off for an easy to access lift!  (I keep this in my bag for quick touch ups after work.)

charlotte tilbury brow pencil review

Makeup queen, Charlotte Tilbury (we’re obsessed), Brow Lift eyebrow pencil ($29) is also a 3-in-1 product. It contains a brow pencil, comb, and highlighter to lift, shade and highlight your brows. If you’re visual when it comes to techniques, here’s a great video Charlotte Tilbury for Net-A-Porter on how to properly fill in and thicken your brows in 3-steps!

For thinning, sparse brows or just to make your brows more dramatic fill—them in with a pencil or pigment powder.  My current favorite fill in—the Brow Boostier Brow Powder with Angled brush from Boom Boom Brow.  The mineral powders come in 4 shades (Dolly, Bette, Tina, Aretha) are super pigmented as well as super light weight to give you a rich, soft and natural look. Boom Boom Brow pigment

The angled brush (EVA) is perfect and makes personal application easy with these helpful tips:

1.) When choosing a color, try to match natural hair undertones and go lighter for a more natural look or darker if you dare to be bold!

2.) Brush brows up and out and apply the powder.

3.) Great brows have a slight arch to them so find yours by holding the brush parallel to the outside edge of the colored part of the eye.  Where the brush meets the brow is where the highest part of your arch should be.

4.) Apply poder to define the highest part of the arch.

5.) I like to brush with a brow brush after to make brows look even more natural.

Watch the experts in this video!

As far as brushes,  Tweezerman’s Brow Brush ($14) is a fantastic choice! Made with DuPont Natrafit, I feel it performs better then natural hair cosmetic brush fibers.  The brush is angled and shaped to fill in brows with a natural look.


If you’re on a budget, the L.A Colors Brow Kit is a great option. For just $3.49 you get 3 colors to define & shape brows, the smallest and cutest tweezers ever, and a brow brush that is suppose to be double sided (one side to help arch your brows and the other to soften).  Like with most brushes that comes in these types of sets, I had a hard time adjusting to it (so I’d still try an alternate) but I love the idea of this kit and the color options are great for blending to your perfect shade.

la colors

If your brows are thinning do not despair!  There are many brow growth enhancing products out there and they really can work!  Boom Boom has a growth Enhancer that you apply to brows on fresh washed face at night and again in the morning (can be put over make up) and you should see results in 4-6 weeks and full results in 4 months.

Boom Boom Brow growth enhancer

So don’t hate on your brows—they may just need a little love to make them POW the way you want them to, but I promise with a little TLC they will be working it for you BIG time!

{Disclaimer – I received a sample. Opinions are my own}