9 Things I Learned from Doing the BluePrint Cleanse

blueprint juice cleanse review

Like every other person on the planet, one of my resolutions for the new year was to take better care of my body. And one of the ways to jump start that process was with a 3-day cleanse from BluePrint. It’s been a while since I’ve done any type of a detox plan and this experience taught me quite a bit including…

blueprint cleanse
1. Doing it with a friend helps! For a calorie maniac like myself having someone to text when I was miserable and when I felt like I was on top of the world, helped. Especially in those moments when I wanted to cheat. Having someone to talk you out of it (since obviously that’s what you’re looking for otherwise why would you text/call?). I did mine with Lorna from The Fabulous Report, who I owe a big thank you to for helping me get through. Check out her FAQ and how she did on the cleanse.

2. It gets better. Knowing the first day is the worst helped me push myself to just get through it. I just focused on that first 24 hours and that I could at least make it that long. Once you do it’s smooth(er) sailing the rest of the time.

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3. People are the worst. I got so many comments and testimonials from people that saw I was cleansing that co-workers would eat in front of them and try to tempt them. Even in jest, it’s bound to happen so best to avoid them. I’m kidding (sort of) but plan for the timing to work for you. And try turning ‘lunch meetings’ into meeting for coffee (only you will be ordering tea).

4. Conceal the bottle or be prepared for adverse reactions – Speaking of people… everyone has an opinion (or assumption). As soon as the BluePrint bottle is reveled it dominates the conversation. Best case scenario someone is interested in trying it and wants your opinion, worst case the nut jobs are convinced you have a bad body image and you have to convince them it’s 3-days to jumpstart healthier eating habits and not a life sentence (that usually calms them down).  To avoid the we have to talk about that I’m on a cleanse, I started putting them in water bottles when I was out.

5. A 3-day cleanse is not 3-days. Thinking it is will increase your chances of failing. To go from eating desserts, fast-food and heavily drinking to a 3-day cleanse is crazy. And bad for your body. Not that I do any of the above (let alone heavily) but even for the healthiest of diets you need to lead up to the cleanse and wean off certain foods. The week before start eliminating meat, dairy, alcohol, sugar and coffee. And after the cleanse concludes start with fruit and then veggies. (Here’s the 5 day recommended meal plan post-cleanse).

6. Boost your cleanse. While detoxing BluePrint recommends exfoliating and dry brushing in the shower, exercising and sweating, sauna or steam room (or hot bath) and my personal favorite, get a massage! Here’s why.

7. Your perspective on food will change. By day 3 and even 2, I felt great and not hungry (and had a major boost in energy AND slept better). So much of my fixation with food is the comfort of it and my love of flavor. It’s crazy how much I eat out of boredom and for social purposes. My biggest goal out of all of this is to stop with 2-3 big meals and try for smaller snacks throughout the day to keep my metabolism up and my body satisfied.

8. Make your own rules – If you’re gonna cheat, go for fruits or veggies. If that’s not possible do what you need to, just don’t quit. Get back on the wagon and try again the next day. By no means am I encouraging you to cheat but I’m especially encouraging you not to quit. I heard from so many people that they tried and then stopped because they couldn’t take it and then felt so guilty for eating anything they stopped all together. That’s a mistake. Chances are you cheated because you’re body wasn’t prepared (the more you prepare like in point #5, the easier it is). And in any case a 1 or 2-day cleanse is better then no cleanse (especially if you already paid for it).

9. It cuts the bad cravings. I’m normally not a big sweets person but once the holidays hit and brownies and cookies are everywhere, I start craving them. (We all know sugar is addictive). One of the best outcomes of doing this cleanse was by the end of the 3-days your body isn’t thinking about candy bars and desserts.

I had a great experience with this cleanse and it’s definitely something I will go back to when I feel my eating habits go off course. As I mentioned the first day was the hardest but with every juice my body felt better and by day 3 (all of day 3), I felt great and like I could do even do another few days. BluePrint offers 3 levels of cleanses and delivers straight to your door. Learn more at blueprintcleanse.com