PC Featured in COVERGIRL Campaign for the September Issue of Cosmopolitan!!!!

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{Jacket: Barney’s New York, Tee: Bobi Los Angeles, Jewelry:  K/LLER Brass Stalactite Stud Earrings, Wildfox Gold Plated Owl Necklace, Boy Meets Girl x Roman Luxe 3-Row Gold Triangle Drop Necklace, BudhaGirl Sting Ray Wrist Wrap bracelets, Lagos Silver cuff bracelet, Boy Meets Girl x Roman Luxe ‘Funky’ Black Python Wrap Ring}

Big news my loves! I’m in the September issue of Cosmopolitan for the “New Americans” collection for COVERGIRL!

This was a huge opportunity for me and I’m so honored Cosmo and COVERGIRL asked me to represent the ‘New Americans Collection’. My mentality on what being American means has changed so much since my teenage years. I remember in high school and being so envious of every blonde, preppy girl and I thought the cliché Abercrombie models were what depicted American style. A decade later that’s the furthest thought from my mind. 

America is a melting pot where individuality defines us and how we come together as a country. It’s the diversity that makes us so great (and creative!). And that’s probably what I love about COVERGIRL, the amount of different colors and combinations of looks you can do – you can be natural one moment and bold the next (just ask Katy Perry).

COVERGIRL New American Collection

Alongside my fellow bloggers Claire Geist, Ellie Eckert and Rachel and Nicole Effendy, we each did individual shoots as well as a really cute group shot. Just looking at the diversity of all of us and our personal styles! This is what I love about this country and it’s the creativity you see here (and everyday walking down the streets of NYC) that is what has redefined what being an American girl is for me.

The photo shoot was incredible, such an amazing team from Luis Guillermo giving me my bombshell hair, manicurist Mar-Y-Soul and Eric Polito who is the first makeup artist who put a nude lip on me that I loved. And my amazing stylist Eric Nicholson who gave me so much creative license and the photographer, Arthur Belebeau could not have made me feel more comfortable and like a total rock star during the shoot.

Featuring Lucy Hale on the cover, the September issue will be on newsstands 8/12! Pick it up and check me out! xoLara

Thank you COVERGIRL and COSMOPOLITAN and the entire team for such a wonderful shoot!