{PC Review} L’Oreal Professional Pro-Keratin Haircare Collection

l'oreal pro-keratinI have naturally curly hair, which can sometimes be a curse, or a blessing.  It  has a mind of its own and depending on many factors, it is often hard to predict a good or a bad hair day.  After years of blow drying, coloring and the nature of curly hair in general, if I don’t put the proper amount of time and effort into styling it, it can look frizzy, dull and overall lackluster.

I recently learned about L’Oreal Professional Pro-Keratin haircare collection, a series of four products which boasts leaving hair feeling 70% stronger and was very excited to try them out.  Hair is made up of 85% Keratin, which is responsible for the strong, shiny tresses we all envy.  Coloring, straightening and heat are only some of the things that can cause Keratin to be lost over time, leaving our hair looking dull and fragile.  Keratin treatments are popular at the salon, but now L’Oreal has made it easy for us to extend the results with these at-home products!

After just one use, I noticed a huge difference in how my hair felt and looked.  The Pro-Keratin Refill Shampoo and Conditioner left my hair feeling clean and smelling wonderfully.  I left the Pro-Keratin Refill Masque on for about 4 minutes and after I rinsed it out, my hair felt so soft and had a ton of body!  Before using any styling tools, I used the Pro-Keratin Blow-Dry Cream to prep my hair.  This product is a must have!  My hair looked smoother and the shine was incredible!  My suggestion, if you try to get the most out of your washes, as I do, is to avoid applying the cream directly to your scalp as you may need to wash it more often than normal.

It’s a great find and has been transformed my locks to feels smoother and shinier than it has been in years!

{Disclaimer: L’Oréal provided a product sample for review purposes.}

Guest Post by Gia Broccoli D’Onofrio