5 Websites Perfect For Everyone on Your List: From the Foodie to the Beauty (obsessed)

With the holidays around the corner, if you need some last minute inspiration for everyone on your list, here are 5 websites sure to knock their socks off. I tend to take gift giving very seriously, and each of these sites has truly special and great unique finds!

1. OpenSkyhttp://www.opensky.com/explore

A fun way to shop with your friends, OpenSky.com is a unique hub to uncover new, artisanal goods and shops you may never have found if shopping alone.  Built around online stores from a diverse range of brands –mens and womens–that cover fashion, beauty, home, jewelry, kids and beyond, Opensky uses recommendations from their online community as part of the selling epxerience. Share what you love and find out what your friends love – the more you connect, the more you discover. (Pssst If you’re a jewelry fiend check out The Alchemy Shop on OpenSky: http://www.opensky.com/the-alchemy-shop)


2. Eating Toolshttp://www.eatingtools.com

Based in Brooklyn, Eating Tools curates a selection of extraordinary, unique and handmade eating and cooking tools like you’ve never seen before. They work with artists and craftspeople who design and create incredible culinary utensils, ranging from handmade sterling silver and titanium chopsticks to one-of-a-kind hand crafted chef knives. For the food lovers on your gift list, Eating Tools is guaranteed to have something special that will blow their mind. Good news Pretty Connected readers! Eating Tools is offering our readers free shipping with any $50+ purchase with code “PRETTY” at checkout.

Eating Tools

3. Covet+Lout, http://covetandlou.com

The world of high-end, forward thinking womenswear is just a click away when you visit covetandlou.com.  I’m so in love with this site, from the one-of-a-kind vintage finds, to the assortment of jewelry and clothing (the “Sanity Is a Cozy Lie” sweatshirt that is definitely on my Christmas list), this site is my exact aesthetic. Founder and curator Tina Burgos helps to define personal styles while giving a voice to emerging designers. 


4. Artissanohttp://artissano.com

Artissano is global marketplace specially curated to bring customers the finest, uniquely designed, and fashion forward goods spanning handbags, jewelry, swim and accessories for women and men from all around the world.  On the hunt for unique fashion finds their discoveries come from Mayagüez to Accra; Bombay to Buenos Aires. Istanbul to Toronto. Paris to Hong Kong. And of course a lot of their artisans are based in the USA. Quality, not quantity is stressed, so be sure to snag up anything special you love as once they sell out you may never see it again.


5. b-glowinghttp://www.b-glowing.com/

b-glowing is a refreshing way to shop for beauty products for both men and women. Highly curated, this site is a beauty haven of brands with an independent spirit just like it’s customers. What I enjoy so much about this site is they do a lot of guest curation, (as some of you know my holiday picks were recently featured), as well as numerous features by their editors. Their founder, Lisa James does several guides as well and the site is a great place to shop for every beauty obsessed friend on your list. They also offer a wonderful return policy (you have 30 days), regular promotions, exclusives and a great sampling program (3 free samples with every purchase), so you’re sure to discover new beauty products.



So where do you shop? Leave me a comment or tweet me @prettyconnected