8 Unforgettable Art Basel Moments: Shepard Fairey, Adrian Grenier, Kanye, Laurence Gartel, Versace and more!

MiamiWhile I’m no stranger to Miami, this was my first time going to Art Basel and after the amazing time that city showed me I’m going back every year. It’s an amazing week when the art world (with a high population of New Yorkers) takes over Miami, bringing the fashion community with them. My days were spent at art shows, followed by drinks poolside with event, after event, after party to go to. While I need an entire blog post dedicated to all of the art conventions here are some of the best moments from independent art shows to epic Versace Mansion parties!

1. Elementals @The Ad Oasis – Hosted by Adrian Grenier at the James Royal Palm Hotel, the works of Sarah Reynolds, Shepard Fairey, Greg Auerback, Mr. Brainwash, Meagan Donegan, Jade Doskow, Greg Haberny, Naomi Reis were all on display. I was so excited to attend and support my friend, Sarah Reynolds at her show, especially given one of my other friends ended up purchasing both of her exceptional art pieces in the show. (Meeting Adrian Grenier and Shepard Fairey wasn’t too shabby either).

Sarah does amazing charcoal drawings (you may have seen the bow piece she did for me on instagram), and is super talented. Check out her work at sarahhreynolds.com.

Shepard Fairey, Lara Eurdolian, Sarah Reynolds, Adrian Grenier

2. Flaunt Magazine and Wildfox presented a private perforce piece by Vanessa Beecroft in collaboration with Kanye West – Who know Kanye was such an art entusiast? And apparnelty big collector. My team showed for this private event not really sure what to expect, which was pretty much the consensus with the audience. As ladies came out naked drenched in clay, the full room migrated to the show. The audience packed around the models, watching for something to happen or Kayne to come out. 15minutes later, maybe a girl or two sat down, a few members of the audience got bored and left, 30minutes later, more sitting, more people leaving and the audience mumbles of “lets give it 5 more minutes” frequented. An hour later we all wised up that this was it and at that point you could go to the front row as the crowd diminished. And then at some point hours (and hours, and hours) later  Kayne showed up (go figure!). So there you have it! People, clay… art.

Flaunt Magazine Art Basel3. #MyKiplingBag Tour – this was a super fun in-store event. Makeovers, complimentary monogramming, photo booth and bags! What more could a girl art for? See more from the collection at kipling-usa.comKipling Art Basel Party4. MCM and Harper’s BAZAAR celebrated the debut of the MCM limited edition collection with pop-art duo, Craig & Karl at an afternoon fete, hosted at The Soho Beach House. Super fun prints with great color schemes, plus some quality time with CRAIG REDMAN and KARL MAIER. Good times!

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 9.52.39 PM5. Meeting Laurence Gartel at PULSE Miami – PULSE works with a number of international contemporary galleries and artists curating a show every season during Basel, consisting of sculptures, installations, photographs and beyond. Located in the Design District of Miami, I met artist, Laurence Gartel (who you may remember from his Absolut ad — Absolute Gartel). Known internationally as the father of the digital imaging movement, he was commissioned by Cadillac  to wrap two cars during the show.

Laurence Gartel6. StyleCaster’s  “Miami’s Most Stylish” event at Nikki Beach – it was a legit NYC reunion with my friends at StyleCaster taking over Nikki Beach, music by M.O.S. and DJ Theory and a special Art Performance by Gregory Siff. Wondering who made the cut for Most Stylish in Miami? Check it out stylecaster.com/miami-most-stylish-2013/

StyleCaster Miami party, Style to the People7. Walking the streets of the Design District – it’s amazing the kind of art you see on the street! It’s like Bushwick meets 5Pointz (RIP) all over the design district of Miami. Images below pained by Chor Boogie.

Design District Miami, graffiti8. And of course the epic highlight of Miami… back to back parties at the Versace Mansion — if you missed my post with all of the incredible pictures from inside the mansion, check them out HERE.

Versace Masnion partySo as you can imagine, by the end of the trip, I lost my voice, my ability to walk in heels and was above and beyond sleep deprived — as was the rest of my group. What can I say, with so much going on, we didn’t want to miss a minute of the fun! And easily the best way to spend your last day in Miami is at the Fountain Bleu, curled up on a poolside bed, catching up on some zzz’s. I think the picture says it all.

Lara Eurdolian, Sarah Reynolds, Fountain Bleu, MiamiThank you Miami and to all the wonderful crew I went with, everyone that invited me to an event and so on and so fourth for making this such an incredible trip! See you next year:)