Inside the Versace Mansion

During Art Basel last week the art and fashion world took over Miami, and I landed myself at the Versace Mansion multiple times (I should have packed an inhaler). Having recently been bought out –and rumor has it the owner plans on turning it into an event space and hotel!– gave the space to our friends at the 400 Club, to through a few private events. Best part, we we’re given a top secret exclusive tour of the house! The tiling, fountains and sculptures as well as every square foot of that house was something to be admired. That home is a true work of art. Lets take a tour:

         {The front of the house}photo 5

{The main foyer when you walk through the front gate}photo 2   photo 3

{Walk through the small hall off the foyer and enter the patio/outdoor fountain space}photo 5

{This is the fountain that’s directly across from the above patio that it overlooks}photo 4Versace Mansion

{The rest are magnificent tiles and rooms found along the tour}photo 4photo 1photo 2

photo 3 photo 2 Versace Mansion