Katy Perry Eyelashes by Eylure (HOLY Lash Power!)

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Make room for Ka-Boom!  I first spotted these on Lara on the way to her Pretty Connected party at the Modrian Soho. Granted she always looks fabulous but tonight was an exception.  Those lashes!  I was dying to know what kind of mascara she was wearing and then (to my surprise) it wasn’t mascara, instead she handed me a box of Katy Perry’s new POP Lashes by Eylure!


With just a hint of purple mixed into the other black lashes, its just enough to  ignite a light in any eye.  Designed to define the eye adding a flash of striking, yet subtle, color to make your eyes pop.   Katy’s new Color Pop range includes four lines: three new strip lashes and one set of individual lashes. (Adhesive included.)

Her remarks: “They’re a little heavy, but worth the weight considering how full and fabulous my lashes look. To remove I suggest using a q-tip. Dip it in an eye makeup remover (I like Clinique’s), then wipe it across the eyelash line. The lashes will naturally detach making them reusable for at least 2 more times (put them back in the case to preserve the curve). By using this removal technique it will prevent them from ripping out any of your natural lashes.”

Designed personally by Katy Perry, the multi-platinum-selling recording artist commented, “a Pop Art theme is my next natural progression from my cotton candyworld.  I’m excited to apply these pops of blue, purple and peacock green to my new lash range,” says Katy.  “These are not just a futuristic fashion favorite; each one can really help bring out the color of your eyes! They’re the new wave to bat your lashes.”

Katy Perry by Eylure is available at claires.com