Websites that make your life easier

Recently, I attended an event hosted by CEO + Editor, Michelle Madhok and dermatologist, Dr. Karcher for tips, tools and websites that help balance life from work. Lets face it, we’re all juggling a million things, so website recommendations to make our lives easier are always appreciated. Here are their top-rankers:

  • For services use and to book everything from hair to doctor’s appointments online.
  • offers up healthy meal ideas, complete with printable grocery shopping lists.
  • Skip the grocery line all together and opt for or to have your groceries delivered right to your front door.
  • saves you time on sending cards and from forgetting important occasion. Just import your friends and family’s addresses and birthdays, and you can have cards automatically sent to them on important dates.
  • Benefit from shopping off You’ll get cash back when you shop at popular websites including,, and more.
  • Looking for discounted gift cards? Check out where you can buy gift cards to your favorite stores for less than their value.
  • Use sites like, and to book spa services and date night activities (dinners, movies and other experiences) for up to 90% off.

Additional great sites for date nights:

  • (formerly – gives food lovers access to preferred pricing with their city’s most popular restaurants. You pay $10 to secure your exclusive pricing (typically 30% off your party’s entire bill – food and drink!)
  •’s Dinner of the Month Club. Ready to institute a monthly date night? Then get yourself a Dinner of the Month subscription. You get a $25 gift certificate every month that you can use at thousands of restaurants around the country.
  • lets you can rent a cute, designer dress to wear for the night, and then return it the next day. Its way cheaper than buying a new dress you’ll probably never wear again.
  • Need a babysitter? Check out If this site doesn’t save you cash, it will definitely save you energy. No mom likes the ordeal of finding a good sitter, but Sittercity makes the process a breeze. You can search for sitters in your area, interview them and even check references.

Other websites suggested during the event includes:,,,,,, and

Know of any great time-saving websites not mentioned? Share them with us and leave a comment!