Happy Birthday Daniel Vosovic

Last month Daniel Vosovic celebrated the showing of his Fall 2011 RTW collection and today we celebrate his birthday.

Fun fact: Dan and I went to college together –good ol’ Fashion Institute of Technology. And we were RA’s –people love making fun of me for that tidbit (my favorite ex-boyfriend used to refer to this time as “when I was a hall monitor”). I’d shower this post with old photographs but frankly I think I burned them all. Since our college days, the former Project Runway star, has gone on to write a book (it’s in my fashion library–okay fine, it’s bookcase) and successfully launch many collections and I could not be prouder. I get to follow him behind this year attend his RTW show. What really enhanced the experience is being seated next to another former RA with us –Marissa, the Market Editor for Seventeen reunions. It’s amazing how much changes in just a couple-errr, more-than-a-few years.

Check out the video from his Fall 2011 RTW Show:

Happy Birthday Dan! Cheers to you!

For more pictures from the collection visit nymag.com