Breaking Down the Big Lips Trend and my Favorite Plumper

Well friends, if there’s one trend that seems to be growing, it’s the want for big lips! While I’ve never done a lip injection, the temptation is real (and I have decent lips!), so I get it. I have however tried a million different lip plumpers and the below are my favorite. In fact, I like to use the Fillerina all day everyday, then do a regimen of lip balm, Juvalip Lip Plumper Device, followed by Grande Lips Hydrating Lip Plumper for an instant plump lips. I also like to have Skyn Iceland Plumping Lip Gels on hand for special occasions when I need a smooth lip as a base. I explain more below!

Juvalips Lip Plumper Device

Anyone remember the Kylie Jenner lip challenge? For those who don’t know, it was a ridiculous trend that entailed sucking on bottle caps and other crazy apparatuses to achieve fuller and plumper lips. Juvalips Lip Plumper Device ($150) offers a natural (and much safer) way to achieve the perfect pout. The JuvaLips design includes a soft contoured mouthpiece that provides a comfortable seal against your lips that prevents bruising and injury — unless you shove your lips super deep into it then you may have a temporary tint come over your lips. Basically, to use the device you apply lip balm (I actually LOVE the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask with it) followed by putting the device up to your lips and hitting the on button. It then makes a vaccum cleaner like noise for 1 minute while it create an almost a section cup effect on the lips. It works by boosting blood flow into the capillaries of your lips, Juvalips gives you dramatic results within 1-2 minutes that last for up to 8-10 hours. For me it was close to 2-3 hours but builds the more you use it. I’m also not going to lie but sometimes I do it twice. I used a lip liner before putting on the lip balm so you can see how the outline of my mouth grew with this device below!



Grande Lips Hydrating Lip Plumper

I’m a huge fan of Grande Cosmetics, I actually think this is one of the best cosmetic lines on the market (I sweat by their GrandeLash MD, Brow-Fill and Liner) and their instant lip plumper is no exception. The Grand Lips Hydrating Lip Plumper is clinically proven formula hydrates the dry areas of your lips while noticeably increasing lip volume almost immediately after application. It’s hydrating with a comfortable tingle. While it does show immediate results, it also promises to provide long term plumping benefits after 30 days of continuous application. I’m really just satisfied with the quick fix — especially over the Juvalips device. The combination of these work wonders for me. It’s not long lasting, but for going out it’s perfect! These glosses come in four shades:

  • Original Clear (clear high gloss)
  • Barely There (light pale nude)
  • Pale Rose (light pink)
  • Hot Fuchsia (hot electric pink)

You can purchase these as a mini set of 4 for $29 or individually as full sizes for $27.

Skyn Iceland Plumping Lip Gel

The Skyn Iceland Plumping Lip Gels are infused with wild berry extract to smooth and plump lips in minutes. It feels like you’re putting on a flattened out wet gummy bear on your lips and takes 10 minutes of wear to see and feel a difference in your pout. The biggest difference is in smoothness so any lines are filled in. Don’t be surprised if there is slight cooling sensation it’s completely normal and I find it very pleasant.

Fillerina Lip Plump

This is not an immediate lip enhancer, it’s one that works over time for more lasting effects. Everyone knows that I love hyaluronic acid, so the fact that this dermo-cosmetic gel promotes lip size with the help of not one, but SIX hyaluronic acid molecules is amazing. Fillerina’s Lip Plump Gel claims to plump and hydrate lips for a noticeable difference lasting up to 4 months when applied 3-5 times a day for 30 day period. Fillerina advises users to drink lots of water in between applications to stay hydrated and maximize the hyaluronic acids.

Application is quick and easy with their rollerball design. The product comes out as clear and almost gloss-like, but will be visibly undetectable on the lips. I found that it made my lips feel a bit dry after the product had set in, so make sure you moisturize your lips throughout the day. I just started using it but my intern (who asked for it for Christmas!) and been religiously using it for over a month and noticed a definite expansion in her upper lip, as well as a noticeable smoothness on the lower. She still has enough product left for at least another full month, so we’ll keep you posted on both of our progress. It’s pricey but effective!

This product comes in 3 grades to fulfill different criteria:

Lip Plump Grade 1 ($89): Designed for lips with subtle fine lines/wrinkles and for those seeking a subtle and gradual plumping effect.

Lip Plump Grade 2 ($109): (This is the one that I have). A level up from Grade 1 is Grade 2, is designed for people looking to see a very noticeable difference in fine lines/wrinkles and overall lip shape.

Lip Plump Grade 3 ($129): This grade is the maximum strength and for those who have experienced major fine lines and want to see a more intense gradual plumping effect.