In my Workout Bag: Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins

vaseline-tinsSince the new year, I’ve featured a weekly wellness/workout post, and for this weeks installment I thought I would share what’s in my workout bag — with a very special edition that you can now get in the US!

For all of you that have been following me for a while, you know how much I love the Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins. You saw me stock up on them in September when I was in UK (where they have previously been exclusive to) and freak out in excitement when rumors were floating around in December that they would be launching in the US soon. Well my friends, they are finally here! And available in all four flavors we’ve seen abroad: Original, Aloe, Shea Butter and Rosy Lips.

The new US variation (left) and UK version I brought back from London (right)

I’m probably the tins #1 fan and I have my sister to thank! She originally discovered them and bought me my first one while living in Geneva forever ago. Since she moved back to NY a few years back, I’ve been void my supplier and now stock up when I’m abroad to bring them back as gifts. I think everyone I know has received one as a stocking stuffer from me. Although, granted they can all buy their own now so I should probably come up with a new coveted, hard to get product — on a budget (any suggestions?).

Featuring the dry skin healing power of 100% pure and safe Vaseline Jelly, these lip tins are clinically proven to help heal dry lips and provide long-lasting moisture. They are lightweight, non-sticky and melt on to lips to lock in moisture. Coupled with the convenient size and packaging, Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins are my go to lip treatment and easily the beauty product I’ve bought more than any other. The lid has never fallen off or failed me and at $3.49 it’s never worth being without.

vaseline-lip-therapy-tin-lara-eurdolian-monogramNow, feel free to be a little jealous, although I’ve definitely earned my stripes on this one… Vaseline surprised me with a custom Original tin with my name on it (and a cake!). Unfortunately monogramming is not an option when purchasing but you can enjoy the same experience (at least from the inside). Plus, I’m not sure I can even open it, I feel like I need to have it framed or something.

I have tried all of the flavors over the years except Shea Butter (I actually have never seen that variant while traveling) and enjoy them all. While I love the Rosy Lips, that’s the one for my makeup bag since it gives a pretty pink sheer tint (It also makes a great gift for Valentine’s Day!), and otherwise the Aloe flavor is my usual go-to.vaseline-lip-therapy-tinsThat’s the one I’ve had in my workout bag since the beginning of time. Or as I’m always saying, I don’t have a workout bag, I have a workout makeup bag. Since I mostly cycle and do yoga instead of pre-packing a whole bag, I make a to-go makeup bag with everything I need that comfortably fits in my hand bag in case I can squeeze in a workout. Since shoes aren’t a factor in yoga, and cycling studios have custom ones they provide, I make sure everything including my outfit, keys, phone… and beyond fit in this makeup case.

vaseline-lip-therapy-workout-bag-beauty-dry-shampooI use the Dogeared makeup bag that opens to 9″w x 7″h, which is slightly larger than your standard makeup bag while still feeling normal sized in your purse. They also come in a variety of fun sayings, which I enjoy.  This simple bag hosts everything listed below:

  • Lightweight shorts – featured above are the Brooks Racey 3.5” Shorts that are super compact and fold into nothing.
  • Sports bra – I like a skinny black tank style so it’s easy to wear under shirts. My favorite is from Lululemon (similar).
  • Vaseline Lip Therapy Aloe – protects lips indoors and out. I apply it in transit and before cycling since I strangely press my lips really tightly all throughout class that tends to chap them.
  • Band-Aid Friction Block – I like to rub it around the edges and heels of my shoes to avoid blisters from sneakers and heels.
  • Deodorant – travel size is ideal. I’ve been alternating between Secret Outlast when I need a really powerful deodorant and Arrow Protect Aluminum-Free Deodorant when it’s a more mild workout. I prefer the experience of Arrow and it’s portable size but it doesn’t hold up for an intense workout. I’m not an overly sweaty person so usually I can get away with just using Arrow. It may not be perfect but I like that it’s aluminum-free and void of parabens, alcohol and cruelty free and vegan.
  • Portable Phone charger – When isn’t my phone dying? I’m always on the go and my current favorite charger is the Triple C Portable Power Card because it’s ultra thin (5mm) and the size of a credit card.
  • Dry Shampoo – I’m so glad every brand makes a travel size one for all us workout fiends. It’s the next best thing to a shower. I have lot of favorite brands and now using Amika’s which is good. It soaks up the oil and dirt and gives my hair some life until I can get home and shower.
  • Mints or breath freshener – My makeup bag is filled with hacks to looking or at least helping me feel fresh, and that includes my breath. (Especially with all the coffee I drink). I usually have mints or Hello breath sprays in my bag.
  • Fragrance Sample – those samples you get at the counter (usually for free) are perfect for on the go. Currently treasuring the deluxe sample of Love & Tears by Kilian and will morn the moment it runs out. A fragrance that makes you feel good post work out is worth its weight in gold (until I realize that’s about how much an actual bottle costs…).
  • Facial Spray and/or makeup wipes – Usually, I carry face wipes but I burn through the travel size packs so fast that I’m currently substituting in the Evian Facial Spray. It refreshing on and helps freshen and purify skin, which is so necessary after an intense cycle class.
  • Hair ties – pack at least 2 in your bag and refill often. Inevitably they all disappear.

The makeup bag also fits my keys, phone and Kate Spade Card holder — which I regularly use as a wallet substitute – It holds my license, credit card, MetroCard and money without any bulk.

Pretty crazy right? Having this packed in my purse makes it easy to sneak in a quick workout out. Considering my cycle classes are only 40 minutes long, if I have to factor in going home and changing/commuting I could be done with my workout by the time I deal with all of that.

Thank you Vaseline for partnering with me on this post and surprising me with a custom tin!