Brad Pitt for CHANEL No.5 Launches October 15th!

CHANEL is launching their first No.5 male fragrance which stars Brad Pitt as the face of the campaign! Slated for an October 15th launch — or at least that’s the date CHANEL released for their count down so I expect to at least see the packaging or know the top notes by then. I LOVE mens fragrances (even for myself) so curiosity is literally killing the cat over this launch.

All we know are the first words from the No.5 man, himself, Brad Pitt!

What’s the Mystery? (well besides what’s going on with Brad’s facial hair — is that a goatee?), just about everything about this launch. If you’re speculating over twitter, use the hashtag #CHANELN5. Otherwise stay tuned for more details on October 15th!