PC Backstage at The Blonds Fall 2012 Show + Hair & Makeup How-To

Looking back at New York Fashion Week (which ended last month), I need to take a moment to share how exceptional it was concluding the festivities by going backstage to The Blonds Fall 2012 show. The Blonds has been a show that I have sadly missed in preview years due to conflict issues or logistics but never again! It was such a scene and the energy was electrifying. Backstage to the audience outfits to the actual show was beyond an experience!

I was going to make the backstage and show 1 post, but there’s too much amazingness to cover so I’m putting it in two separate ones.



THE HAIR –ahem blond ponytail wigs coming out of helmets!!

The Blonds hair was done by lead stylist, Laurent Philippon for Bumble and Bumble

Inspiration: Biker chicks and Johnny Depp in Cry Baby

Styling Methods: For guys: Wet hair with Thickening Hairspray and blowdry. Warm up Sumowax and apply all over the head. Style as needed to create a swoosh in front.

For girls: Create a wig wrap by spraying hair down with Prep then wrapping hair in sections around the head using Bb.Gel. Pin hair so it lays flat around the crown. Put on a wig cap and put on the helmet. Did I mention the wig was steamed to keep hair perfect?

Bumble and Bumble products used: Thickening Hairspray, Sumowax, Prep, Bb.Gel

{Phillipe Blond, founder and head designer for The Blonds backstage getting her hair done by Laurent Philippon}

{Backstage with it model Sebastien Suave — he showed me his Nintendo belt buckle. Jealous?}

THE NAILS! The team spent 130 hours on them!!!

The Blonds hair was done by lead stylist, Kristina Estabrooks for CND.  She and her team spent 130 hours hand detailing biker babe manicures. No nail set was alike – crystals, glitter, leather, Phillipe Blond faces, crushed glass shards and acid washed denim designs were just a few of the styles to grace the runway. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!









THE MAKEUP! Look at this incredible green cat eye!

I’ll just let you read off the MAC Cosmetics face chart to see the products used: