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Beauty Week at Whole Foods

I have 3 shops I look to when it comes to Clean Beauty, it’s Credo, Follain and Whole Foods. If a natural brand is in one of these three stores (or all three, I know to pay attention). Whole Foods has a really high quality standard I trust. They prohibit 75+ ingredients commonly found in conventional body care. This week Whole Foods Celebrates “Beauty Week”, which means they are offering 25% off ALL facial care, including cosmetics, brushes and nail color through March 28th!

They have also launched their Clean Beauty Faves beauty bag, which features some of their favorite products all of which are shown in the photo above for $18! (It’s a $90 value). Just for the Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner alone, this bag is worth grabbing!

TriBeCa Whole Foods Launches the Wellness Club to Promote Healthy Living

By Pretty Connected Contributor, Elizabeth Borenstein

Whole Foods is defiantly my go to grocery store when I am looking for food that I think is healthy. That said, I have a sneaking suspicion that the Indian hot bar station I usually beeline to is not the most energy producing, nourishing option. It can be hard to know what to pick up that is healthy and delicious and Whole Foods can feel overwhelming to navigate. For confused consumers like myself and health conscious neighborhood residents, Whole Foods is looking to add a whole new dimension in how to shop their grocery store. Starting this month, with a pilot program at their Tribeca location in NYC, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey introduces the Wellness Club. “Created by doctors, this program offers members a wide-ranging set of tools for a greater chance of sustaining a healthier lifestyle.” Mackey describes.

Whole Foods Bread Breaking Ceremony

I stopped by the TriBeCa store for a traditional bread breaking ceremony and cooking demonstration in the brand new wellness center to learn more about this new initiative and what it means for

Whole Foods Helps You Find the Perfect Gift

Whole Foods Bowery Location in NYC

For many of us when we think Whole Foods, we think food. Although some of us do shop their Whole Body section as well. What can you find in Whole Body?  Vitamins and supplements, bath and body care, hair and beauty products, yoga items, cards, magazines and gifts.

Whole Body Personal Shoppers

This holiday season Whole Foods is offering personal shoppers at all of their northeast locations. No appointment needed, just visit the Whole Body section and look for a team member wearing a recycled apron and gift tag. They are available everyday from 10am-8pm through January 1st. Members of the team are on hand for all of your gift needs, whether it be to introduce you to a variety of pre-selected gift sets (all under $20) or to help you select those perfect custom gifts. They also offer complimentary gift-wrapping for your convenience.

An assortment of Blessing Baskets

Featuring everything from holiday scented candles to lotion gift sets. Whole Foods adheres to strict level of quality standards (read more about that HERE) coinciding with their belief with what you put in your body is as important as what you put in your body. So whether you’re shopping popular brands like Burt’s Bees, Kiss My Face, Dr. Haushka,  ShiKai, or local products such as LUX Naturals handcrafted soaps (which smell phenomenal) or their philanthropic offerings including Blessing Basket (where your purchase plants crops, improved nutrition, buys livestock, educated children, protects forests and most importantly reduces poverty), you feel good about your selection.

For NYC, the Whole Body I’m partial to their Bowery location. It takes up the whole 2nd floor of Whole