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Farewell Gen Art

By now many of you may have heard the new that after 16 years of discovering and showcasing new talent, Gen Art has closed their doors due to challenges incurred by the recession.  Considering, all the support and exposure Gen Art created for emerging artists in fashion, film, art and music, I was disheartened to receive the newsletter from Founders Ian & Stefan Gerard sharing this news. While they say all good things come to an end, a large part of me hopes that considering all of their connections and reach someone will swoop in and save them.

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of joining my dear friends Wesley Nault and Daniel Feld of WESFELD in showcasing of their first collection.  The event, hosted by Molly Sims was all made possible thanks to Gen Art (in conjunction with Plastics Make It Possible and the American Chemistry Council).  To know that other deserving designers of future generations won’t have the same opportunities that this talented duo did is tragic.  This is a huge loss for the artist community.

Molly Sims hosts Gen Art’s New Garde Fashion Show

Molly Sims kicks off New York Fashion Week 2010 in style, hosting Gen Art’s “The New Garde Show.” The show featured the collection of Project Runway Alums, Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault’s new fashion line, WESFELD, winners of the Plastics Make It Possible competition.

Here’s what Molly Sims had to say:

For more information visit genart.org

The gowns (and custom made shoes) were positively stunning! See our photo gallery below.

An Afternoon with WesFeld

I had the absolute pleasure of spending the day with Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault of WesFeld, their new fashion label, in their Williamsburg studio.  The two former Project Runway alums, and now design partners, are the winners of the Plastics Make it Possible fashion competition sponsored by the American Chemistry Council and Gen Art.

As winners, Daniel and Wesley received $10,000 to create and showcase their collection on February 10th, during New York Fashion Week for the Gen Art New Garde Show, hosted by Molly Sims.

When I first read about the win, it came as no surprise.  If anyone can handle plastic, it’s Daniel Feld.  Who can forget that memorable dress he made out of blue plastic cups on the premiere of Project Runway, Season 5?  I’m still blown away by it.  And with Wesley Nault on his team — oh the places they will go.

Here’s what these two lovely designers had to say:

Pretty Connected (PC): How did you hear about the Plastics Make it Possible design competition?

WESFELD (WF): Gen Art contacted us and we thought it would be a great opportunity.

PC: Tell me about the collection and the parameters given to you by Gen Art.

WF: Our major sponsor was The American Chemistry Council and Plastic makes it possible. We had to use all plastic-based materials for this collection.

PC: What was your inspiration for the two dresses you entered into the competition?

WF: The pale, pink dress was inspired by the lines of a conch shell, and the other was inspired by the skeleton of a trilobite.

PC: What was the first thing you did when you found out you won?

WF: We were very excited and started to