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8 Unexpected Ways to Use Taskrabbit for your Wedding or Next Event + a Promo Code!

Yup, that’s right, Taskrabbit. I literally don’t think I could have planned my wedding without them and undoubtably were the unsung heroes of my wedding. 

As many of you know I planned my wedding in under 2.5 months and in one of the busiest years as everyone (and their mother), who had to wait 2 years during the pandemic was ready to tie the knot. With that I knew every hotel and conventional wedding venue would be booked, and frankly (in case you didn’t notice…), I like to do things my way and wanted to plan something that hadn’t been done before so nothing about a DIY wedding intimidated me. 

What do we do about our Wedding? As seen in The New York Times!

Like many, the dream of having my wedding be in the New York Times, felt just like that, a dream. And today, it happened for me. Well sort of. Instead of covering the soon to be ‘best day of my life’, it’s about the subject that keeps me up at night. Figuring out what to do and how to celebrate this amazing 14 year relationship I’ve been in and commemorate our love. In over a decade we’ve accumulated a lot of friends. Whether or not we’re now just Facebook friend or acquaintances, many of these people are a part of our love story, and as someone who is always of the ‘more the merrier’ mindset, I want every special human, that’s ever touched my/our lives to be a part of my big day.

Get Ready for The Wedding Ringer

wedding ringer dance scene

When it comes to weddings, inevitably something goes off course. From awkward speeches to even worse indiscretions, we all have a wedding story, which is why just watching the trailer for the new comedy The Wedding Ringer has me marking my calendar for its January 16th release.

Day 3 Uganda: The Wedding (and the Outfit)

20140104-221958.jpgDay 3 in Uganda brought us to the point of this trip, a traditional wedding! James and I got to wear classic Ugandan ceremonial garments. His a long, white robe. Mine a yellow kimono like dress with large protruding shoulder pads. It was pretty amazing!