Day 3 Uganda: The Wedding (and the Outfit)

20140104-221958.jpgDay 3 in Uganda brought us to the point of this trip, a traditional wedding! James and I got to wear classic Ugandan ceremonial garments. His a long, white robe. Mine a yellow kimono like dress with large protruding shoulder pads. It was pretty amazing!

Ritah, the bride being like family asked my sister and I to stand with her during her wedding. This entails dancing our way onto the center of the stage and kneeling on a straw pad. At which point the grooms family showers her with gifts. And then she is presented to his family and then he to hers. Then we pray. She gets a ring and a commitment for the Church wedding in June (that’s right Ugandans get two weddings).

The whole ceremony was beautiful and I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to be apart of it. Considering it was 7 hours long and none of it was in English I was generally confused but very entertained.

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