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Brush Smarter with Plaque HD Toothpaste

I’m a child of the 90s so I have a deep appreciation for anything that turns color from those tablets that turned our teeth pink to identify plaque to color-changing, heat sensitive tee shirts which I wish I still owned. The nostalgia alone made me excited to try the new, first-of-its kind toothpaste introduced by Plaque HD, which contains plant-based, all natural teal disclosing agents to color and identify clear plaque build-up on teeth.


Sexy, right? Maybe not, but it makes brushing a little fun. And by being able to see where the blue is hitting the most, I can target any areas of plaque that I may have otherwise missed during my usual brushing. Also as you brush those areas of teal disappear and by doing so helps to ensure you get in those 2 minutes of brushing recommended by the American Dental Association.

Say Hello to Seriously Date Friendly Oral Care! {Sponsored}

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There’s nothing quite like getting ready for a date! Whether you’re in a relationship or it’s a first date, don’t skimp on the dating process; it sets the tone for the entire evening, even a casual date. It’s that time to blast your music and pump yourself up; the excuse to shave your legs, and pay extra attention to those eyebrows before doing your hair and makeup. And it’s always the top shelf products you use — the ones you save for special occasions that make you feel your best. The finishing touches are the perfume sprintz and last minute gargle of mouthwash or quick brush before lipstick and it’s out the door!

When you feel great, your confidence kicks into high gear so don’t rush it, give yourself ample time to get ready. And remember, the two things you never want to quit on you is your deodorant or breath! (So make sure you’ve got that covered.)

Unconventional Beauty Tips

Sometimes you’re not at home to fix some of life’s little inconveniences.  So here are a few quick tips:


  • You’re out on the town and you’ve broken a nail.  No nail file? Use either a brick off a building to file or even better a matchbook! This should help tie you over until you’re home and can properly file.
  • On a trip and you break out? Try eye drops on your blemish to diminish redness.   Also, toothpaste can be used to spot treat and help dry out that pimple so that it’s cleared up by morning.
  • A little nippy out? Turn your high beams off with Bandaid ActivFlex! They hide amazingly well under clothes.  I find this one hilarious!