Say Hello to Seriously Date Friendly Oral Care! {Sponsored}

hello toothpaste

There’s nothing quite like getting ready for a date! Whether you’re in a relationship or it’s a first date, don’t skimp on the dating process; it sets the tone for the entire evening, even a casual date. It’s that time to blast your music and pump yourself up; the excuse to shave your legs, and pay extra attention to those eyebrows before doing your hair and makeup. And it’s always the top shelf products you use — the ones you save for special occasions that make you feel your best. The finishing touches are the perfume sprintz and last minute gargle of mouthwash or quick brush before lipstick and it’s out the door!

When you feel great, your confidence kicks into high gear so don’t rush it, give yourself ample time to get ready. And remember, the two things you never want to quit on you is your deodorant or breath! (So make sure you’ve got that covered.)

hello mouthwash

Enter hello, a seriously date friendly oral care brand featuring hello mouthwashhello toothpaste and hello breath spray are perfect for pre-date prep! With minty fresh flavors including Sweet Cinnamint, Pink Grapefruit Mint, Mojito Mint and my personal favorite, Supermint (I’m a purest), these naturally friendly oral care products are free of artificial colors, and alcohol (save it for the date), since alcohol dries out your mouth and can lead to bad breath. Speaking of your breath, if you need to hit the refresh button during your night out, the hello breath spray is pocket-or-purse friendly making it very easy (and discrete) to freshen up in public.

Hello products are also easy on the eyes. Designed by BMW DesignworksUSA, the packaging is clean and keep the bathroom vanity looking calm and collected.  No tacky colors or flashy promotions all over the products, and no messy crinkled tubes with excess electric blue liquid crusting out. Their products lay upright and their toothpaste dispenses white. All products are all made in the USA and are never tested on animals.

Hello products are available at Duane Reade and select retailers. For a complete list of store locations and for more information visit