Brush Smarter with Plaque HD Toothpaste

I’m a child of the 90s so I have a deep appreciation for anything that turns color from those tablets that turned our teeth pink to identify plaque to color-changing, heat sensitive tee shirts which I wish I still owned. The nostalgia alone made me excited to try the new, first-of-its kind toothpaste introduced by Plaque HD, which contains plant-based, all natural teal disclosing agents to color and identify clear plaque build-up on teeth.


Sexy, right? Maybe not, but it makes brushing a little fun. And by being able to see where the blue is hitting the most, I can target any areas of plaque that I may have otherwise missed during my usual brushing. Also as you brush those areas of teal disappear and by doing so helps to ensure you get in those 2 minutes of brushing recommended by the American Dental Association.

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Available in Fresh Mint and Berry Bubble Gum, both flavors taste good and are fun for all ages. Created by dentists and orthodontists, the toothpaste incorporates Targetol technology to reveal exactly where the plaque has gathered, helping distracted and impatient children and adults like myself brush better and smarter. And it’s designed to help instill strong brushing habits in kids, keep teen teeth healthy while they are in braces, and for adults help to maintain a great smile.  Using Plaque HD helps keep teeth and gums healthy — especially in combination with flossing, which I’m trying to be better about doing everyday.
Truth be told until now I didn’t really pay strong attention to how I brush. A few swift strokes to each side, the front, all around the back and maybe a quick tongue plunge and I’d be done. I’m not even sure I was hitting my 2 minute quota.

I’ve been using it for the past few weeks and my teeth look so white after brushing. Part of that could also be what I call the blue lip gloss. It Cosmetics have developed a clear lip gloss’ that has a very slight light blue tint which you don’t really notice on the lips but somehow the blue has been proven to make your teeth appear whiter, even though it’s sitting on your lips — I think this toothpaste has a similar effect. My teeth look so white after brushing, I love it! Or maybe it’s just that good and the fact that I now brush better and longer has improved my smile. Either way I brush more because of what I perceive as the instant white effect, especially right before I’m about to go on camera.

Independent studies conducted in the orthodontic department at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry showed that patients who used Plaque HD had 4x plaque removal compared to patients who used a standard toothpaste on the market. I’ve had great luck with it so far and at the very least psychologically seeing all that blue has made me a better brusher.

Plaque HD, $14.95 and is available on

Thank you to Plaque HD for partnering with me and sponsoring this post!