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Klorane Celebrates 50 Years + Blondes


Klorane’s founding product, shampoo with chamomile, has become an intergenerational legend and is a readily-shared natural lightening secret handed down from mother to daughter (awwwww). Its honey texture and flowery fragrance evoke softness, happiness, sharing, life’s moments, light and brilliance. To celebrate Klorane’s 50th birthday, the brand is renewing the entire camomile range and presenting a new addition to the family: the Sun Lighting Spray with Chamomile and honey.

Dove Launches Oxygen Moisture Range to Give Women Hair Confidence


Did you know? 99% of women have resorted to hair “tricks” – from teasing, to fluffing, to tying hair back in a pony or bun – to get the volume they crave? But what do these “tricks” really convey to others about us?

With a little insight from body language expert Vanessa Van Edwards, we learned how to show our most confident selves:

(1) As humans we recognize highly confident individuals by their relaxed, unruffled presence. ‘Hair tricks’ such as flipping, teasing and fluffing, derail a collected demeanor and make women appear frazzled, rattled and out of control.

(2) Most (women) don’t realize that over 60% of our communication is nonverbal, so the more self-assured our gestures and body language are, the more confident we appear and feel.

(3) A strong presence helps others take our ideas more seriously. Without realizing it, women need to know that mindless hair tricks come across as weakness or low-power body language.

(4) Women who rely on hair tricks not only come across as unprofessional, but can also send the wrong signal and indicate flirtation.

Get Your FREE ProfilePRO Shampoo and Conditioner

Paula Abdul_StarShop_ProfilePRO

You know how I’m always saying I like things more with my name on it? Well how cool is this!? StarShop, the new celebrity-curated m-commerce app is giving away 40,000 FREE travel-size sets of shampoo and conditioner from ProfilePRO, from now through July 31st.

For any of you that struggle to find the right products for your hair, ProfilePRO® should be on your radar! It’s the first and only individually customized hair care system that asks a series of questions based on hair type, hair texture, behavior, and scalp condition to get you the perfect blend. Each customer can also pick their preferred scent and include a personal name which will appear on the bottles. (Note the customization service is only available when purchasing products so try the free sample first and then if you like it keep in mind this service!

StarShop users are eligible to receive a free ProfilePRO travel-size set of shampoo and conditioner by visiting www.starshop.com or downloading the StarShop App, available via the iTunes App Store and Google Play by July 31st. Downloads are free, so get in on it!

Dove Wants You to #LoveYourCurls

Dove Quench Absolute Group

For some weeks now, Dove launched a national campaign encouraging women to celebrate, love and take pride in their curly hair! Did you know that one in three women in the US has wavy to curly hair? (Myself included). Probably not since many of us hide it with the sweet temptation of blowing it out or flat ironing it to be straight and sleek. And I can tell you first hand why. Curly hair is hard! It gets unruly, curls drop and that next day hair is rarely something to celebrate. Not to mention the shine I’m able to achieve with a flat iron, I never see otherwise when I come out of the shower.

Shu Uemura Launches Color Lustre Collection


Cult beauty favorite, Shu Uemura has created another hair masterpiece: The Color Lustre Collection. To all the women who spend their monthly shoe allowance constantly highlighting their hair, Color Lustre Brilliant Glaze will save you money and salon visits.