Klorane Celebrates 50 Years + Blondes


Klorane’s founding product, shampoo with chamomile, has become an intergenerational legend and is a readily-shared natural lightening secret handed down from mother to daughter (awwwww). Its honey texture and flowery fragrance evoke softness, happiness, sharing, life’s moments, light and brilliance. To celebrate Klorane’s 50th birthday, the brand is renewing the entire camomile range and presenting a new addition to the family: the Sun Lighting Spray with Chamomile and honey.


The Blond Hair Ritual:

Wash with Shampoo with Chamomile – The brand’s product illuminated blond to light-brown hair and is reinventing itself with a new formula. The ultra-gentle cleansing base is an ease for detaingling and does not weigh hair down. The enhance original scent stays true to the range’s cult honey fragrance with a dash of floral added in. The results: 84% of women see blonder highlights after the first use and 97% say their hair is easier to manage and style from the first wash.

Nourish with Conditioner with Chamomile – Klorane’s conditioner is perfect for detangling, repairing, and adding softness while bringing out the hair’s natural blonde highlights and shine. The formula has been enriched with chamomile extract heightening the creamy texture that melts into hair.

(NEW) Lighten with Sun Lightening Spray with Chamomile and Honey – Gentle on hair and made without bleaching agents (IMPORTANT), the Sun Lighting Spray injects “sunshine”, aka lightens, blonde and light-brown hair, to restore end-of-the summer honey-blonde highlights and shine. With a formula twice as concentrated in Chamomile extract as the shampoo, blonde highlights are heightened without using silicone or hydrogen peroxide. Tip: Must be used for at least 3 weeks to see visible results.

Clarify and shine with Vinegar Shine Rinse with Chamomile – Traditionally used as a recipe for radiance, the vinegar shine rinse is a must for an indispensable bust of shine that brightens hair instantly and makes detangling easy. An cid pH astringent smooths the hair scales and purifies the scalp by getting rid of impurities and neutralizing hard water. Enriched with Chamomile extract, the new formula clarifies AND enhances the shine of blonde highlights. Tip: The product can be used in two ways – One, applied straight to the hair from roots to tip then rinsed and two, using two capfuls of Rinse fluid diluted in one bottle of water then used as the final rinse water.

All reformulated products and the new Sun Lightening Spray with Chamomile and Honey will be available in May 2016.