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Fifteen Minute Holiday Hairstyles

Holiday parties are in full swing and the endless primping and preparing can be tiresome. Don’t let the champs get to your head quite yet because with a few tips from RPZL Senior Stylist Azzy Parsiani, your holiday hair is quick and easy even with extensions. Leaving you more time to focus on gluing on your falsies (good luck with that).


Look One: Wrapped Fishtail Braid

1. Blow dry hair – NEVER leave your extensions wet! For RPZL salon-like results, use the CHI Touch 2 Touch Screen Hair Dryer, which has 3D Ion technology to reduce frizz and CHI ceramic technology to provide moist heat, keeping at a consistent temperature.

2. Straighten hair using the amika Movos Wireless (yes, really) Styler. With extensions, your natural hair might be a different texture and the Movos Styler is infrared heat technology preserves moisture and delivers smooth, shiny, and frizz-free results.

3. Pull two front pieces (of your real hair if you have extensions) towards the back of your head, twisting loosely. Make sure pulled back pieces fall loosely right above and on top of your ear resting on the top of your ear.

4. Merge to twist in the back middle of your hair clipping an RPZL glitter extension beneath the merging.(Note: RPZL glitter extensions sold in store but for clip-in color pop extensions shop HERE)

5. Fishtail braid the two merged front pieces including the glitter extension.

6. Clip an additonal color or glitter pop extension of the same color as the first where the braid starts in the middle of the back of your head, leaving it free-flowing below the braid.

BONUS: For a messy fishtail lightly pull the left and right sides of the fishtail braid for a messy lived-in look.


Look Two: Messy Side Pony

1. Curl hair. IMPORTANT: Do not spray with hairspray before running hands through hair to fill out curls. Instead follow loosening the curls with hairspray.

2. Pull one full side of curls rolling loosely towards the back, again resting the hair lightly above the top of your ear. Don’t worry about extra pieces falling in the back if you’re going for a messy look (Pictured Above).

3. Use a rubberband to hold the side ponytail

4. Cover hair tie with two finger width piece of hair wrapping it around and pinning under the pony.


The Do’s & Don’ts of Hair Extensions

SalonEvery girl has that moment where they chop of their hair and have an ‘Oh Shit’ moment. For me, that was six months ago when I got the lob that every blogger was raving about. Stepping out of the salon I felt like a new woman and then two days later, without the help of a professional stylist, I was lost and confused. Where had my beautiful blonde locks gone? Why hadn’t anyone stopped me from making this horrific mistake?

Considering Hair Extensions? Read this!

RPZL Hair Extensions salonI have chopped, bleached, buzzed and dyed my hair every color of the rainbow and when that was all said and done, there was only one thing left I really wanted — hair extensions. Luckily RPZL (as in RAPUNZEL) NYC’s first ever hair on demand hair extension bar gave me the opportunity embark on my next hair adventure.