The Do’s & Don’ts of Hair Extensions

SalonEvery girl has that moment where they chop of their hair and have an ‘Oh Shit’ moment. For me, that was six months ago when I got the lob that every blogger was raving about. Stepping out of the salon I felt like a new woman and then two days later, without the help of a professional stylist, I was lost and confused. Where had my beautiful blonde locks gone? Why hadn’t anyone stopped me from making this horrific mistake?


Cue RPZL – the first express hair extension and state of the art blowout bar. The salon is devoted solely to three levels of hair extensions: clip in, tape in and keratin, all done with their in-house hair line (so no preliminary hair-matching consultation is needed). From the second I met senior stylist Azzy Parsiani I knew I was not only in good hands but that I would fall madly in hair love with her. Once in a blue moon you find a hair stylist that understands you and speaks your language and my language was, “I want as much and as long of blond hair as possible.” Think Southern Belle meets Kardashians (minus the duck lips).


As an extension hair virgin, Azzy held my hair fate in her hands and now I can bestow this wisdom on you with pride and a hair flip!


Condition your ends (and ONLY your ends)

Always brush your hair before bed, holding just above the nape of your neck loosely as to not tug on the extensions

Put your hair is a side pony or braid before bed

Give your hair a break from extensions every 2-3 applications

Use an Organic and sulfate free shampoo

Use a Mason Pearson boar bristle brush

Use SLIP silk pillow cases to prevent static

After swimming, apply Great Lengths Anti-Tap Water remedy to eliminate damage from alkalinity in wate


Don’t wash hair for 48-72 hours after first getting extensions

Do not apply conditioner to scalp or bonds

Do not brush wet hair when hair follicles are at their most vulnerable

Don’t sleep with wet hair

No oil-based products (bye-bye Moroccan Oil)

Don’t let anyone pull your hair

Don’t leave tape in extensions in for longer than 6 weeks – Life expectancy of extensions depends on hair growth, shedding, and how you take care of them

Never use a volumizing shampoo that raises the cuticles and causes tangling

– Ashley Tschudin