Considering Hair Extensions? Read this!

RPZL Hair Extensions salonI have chopped, bleached, buzzed and dyed my hair every color of the rainbow and when that was all said and done, there was only one thing left I really wanted — hair extensions. Luckily RPZL (as in RAPUNZEL) NYC’s first ever hair on demand hair extension bar gave me the opportunity embark on my next hair adventure.

First off the RPZL Flatiron salon is so chic, you’ll want to hang out there all day. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and could not have be more accommodating. Each blowout station is equipped with an Ipad loaded with every magazine imaginable. Finally, no more stalking the woman across the salon to put down magazine you are dying to read. They have even streamlined the checkout process so now you can checkout chair-side with the Ipad. And because we love being pampered, guests can also enjoy complimentary drinks and Baked by Melissa’s Gorgeous Girl cupcakes made exclusively for RPZL.

rpzl salon

Upon my arrival I was whisked away to get my hair washed complimented with a relaxing head massage.  My damaged hair was pampered with Leonor Greyl products (the sign of a good salon is great hair products), then it was off to the blowout so my “Headmaster” (yes, that is what they really call them) could examine my hair to determine the right type of extensions for me.

After the blow dry it was time to decide what type of extension would work best for me.  RZPL specializes in 3 types of hair extensions: clip in, tape in and keratin, all done with their in-house hairline. Because of my choppy layers (side effect of growing out a buzzed pixie cut) we determined the best option would be to have clip in extensions. To be honest I was a bit skeptical about the clips in. I thought they would fall out or you would be able to see them but I my headmaster assured me otherwise.

before and after hair extensions

The clip in process is the least time consuming of all the hair extensions they offer, it took only about 45 minutes start to finish and the process is very simple. Even though I am all thumbs, it was a challenge I could tackle. You start by pulling your hair at the top of your head. Let down the bottom layer of your hair from your ponytail and tease the part of your hair closest to your head then clip in one hair weft like you would a barrette. Let down the next section of hair and repeat until you are finished. The clip in hair extensions are the most versatile. You remove them every night and need to be washed about every 6 days, if you wear them daily. If you keep really good care of your clip ins they will last you about 2 years and are a steal at $250! In less than an hour I went from growing out a bob to long luscious locks.

For anyone looking for a permanent solution RZPL also offers tape in extensions and keratin extensions. Tape in extensions take about two hours to apply last about 2 months and cost between $350-$550. Their fusion extensions take about two hours to apply last about 4 months and cost between $550-$850.

No matter how long your hair is currently adding few extra inches and a killer blowout can make you want to flip your hair like Beyonce. If you’ve  been contemplating this whole hair extensions thing for a while or just want a fun change, I highly recommend checking them out. Learn more at

Here are RZPL’s top tips for making your gorgeous new hair last:

  • WAIT TO WASH: It’s a “no no” to wash hair 48 – 72 hours after receiving your premium tape and keratin extensions.
  • NO WETTING THE BED: Wet hair is weak hair. When you wet the bed (with your hair, of course), it places unnecessary tension on your own hair.
  • BE A BEDTIME BRAID BABE: When your hair is completely dry, braid it loosely for bedtime (pigtails work too!).
  • TRESS TREAT TIME: Indulge your hair often with a professional blow out and either moisturizing cream or oil to keep it healthy and shiny (ask your Headmaster or Very Personal Stylist for their tress treatment of choice).
  • TRESSES ARE A LATHER FREE ZONE: We know you like to lather up, but ONLY USE SULFATE-FREE and PABA-FREE shampoo on your roots where your hair extensions are applied (this is the only time we say no to bubbly!).
  • STEADY & THOROUGH WINS THE RACE: Shampoo thoroughly to remove buildup from oils, waxes and products. Carefully concentrate on the root area (especially when wearing a full head of extensions). Apply conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends so you don’t compromise your extension connection.
  • TOO MUCH HOT AIR: Hot air affects the adhesion of the tape and stresses the hair quality, making it look dry and dull. Keep the hair dryer, straightener and curling iron away from your tape or keratin bonded area. We like a little heat too but in the right place – it’s ALL ABOUT THAT BASE…NO TROUBLE!

-guest post Lindsey Coco