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Rita Hazan Pop of Color: Go pink, purple or blue sans commitment!

{disclaimer ~ these are just awesome examples of trends with color.  These are not done with Rita Hazan spray.}

Ever since the chalking trend of last summer non-permanent waves of color has been all the rage — but have you tried chalking? It’s all good until you’re hair turns into a brillo pad when you try to take it out. Well I’m so glad that the streaks of color theme is back in bloom for spring. (And EVERYWHERE from celebrities, runways, Coachella, to the streets of NYC!). And I Love it!  I want it!  But I just can’t commit!  So when I got a bottle of Rita Hazon’s Pop Color (washes-out-after-one use) spray backstage at fashion week I had to give it a try!

Rita Hazan Pop Color Test
This hardly took 5 minutes! Available in Pink, Blue, and Purple. $18

It is easy to apply, just put a towel under your hair, spray, and BAM, your hair looks like you dyed if for real. It isn’t messy and doesn’t feel sticky (it has a very, very, very light hair spray feel to it), and your hair is still easy to handle.  It will slowly fade with

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