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Celebrate Red Nose Day on May 25th!

Ever since watching Jack Black host Red Nose Day two years ago — his footage visiting kids in hospitals in Uganda still pulls on my heart strings — it’s been a cause I always get behind and donate to. For those who don’t know, Red Nose Day is an amazing campaign that raises awareness and money to help children around the world and end child poverty, through the power of entertainment and fun bringing on a slew of celebrities to for a special on NBC. A mix of fun and reality, starting with a reunion by the cast of Love Actually, just watch the trailer, I can’t wait!!!!!!!

As well as on a more serious and eye awakening note this time from Ed Sheeran who traveled to Liberia to meet with children and he documented his experience in this amazing video which is being used as the highlight of the campaign for 2017.

Naomi Campbell lights Empire State Building in Honor of Red Nose Day

Happy Tuesday loves! This morning was pretty epic for me. I got to join one of my all time favorite supermodels, Naomi Campbell as she pulled the switch to light up the Empire State Building in honor of Red Nose Day. As many of you know I’m a big supporter of the cause, and Charlie and I posted pictures earlier this month of us in our Red Nose’ to help raise awareness.  For anyone now familiar, Red Nose Day is a national event to raise money and awareness for kids in need around the world.

Celebrate Red Nose Day with us on May 26

Mark your calendars friends for May 26th for Red Nose Day, the campaign dedicated to helping children and having fun. You can buy merchandise (like red nose’) from Walgreens where all of the proceeds go to the cause. There’s also a celebrity filled special fundraising event that premieres on NBC at 9/8c that day. Some of you remember the campaign from last year — I know I do and it had such a profound impact on me. Having been in Uganda a few months before, Jack Black’s footage of visiting the kids in hospitals from the region I visited had me so moved (and if I’m being honest, in tears) that I donated on the spot and wanted to do everything I could to support! red-nose-day-1

M&M has also launched the #MakeMLaugh challenge asking friends to post their best Red Nose look using the hashtags #MakeMLaugh and #RedNoseDay and tagging @MMSChocolate. For every post they are donating $1 to Red Nose Day. Charlie (he has an instagram now! @pompomcharlie) and I (@prettyconnected) both did it, although he was not having it with that nose — and actually it was perfectly fitting since it made me laugh pretty hard just how unwilling he was to even fake it for a photo and let me hold it up to his face. But then again that’s what this campaign is all about, spreading joy and making a difference.