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Hair Goals with Living Proof


After traveling the past five weeks my hair needed some serious love. I took the quiz on Living Proof’s site and rounded up an arsenal of products I’ve been dying to try as well as some favorites that are my tried and true. As someone who travels a lot and hates committing to a large size of any product before knowing if it works for me, it makes me so happy that Living Proof offers a lot of sets and multiple sizes in their product line. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started with a travel size product and then upgraded to the largest size after testing.

living-proof-productsWhat I’ve always loved about Living Proof is their approach to hair. They develop products from the molecular level and utilize advanced scientific technologies that originated from MIT to solve the toughest hair problems. Their site is a wealth of information with tutorials and how-tos for just about every hair style. They also offer a quiz to understand your hair type and hair goals. I have thin hair, but a lot of it (so it appears thick) so I get greasy at my roots and dry at my ends. I needed a shampoo that cleanses thoroughly that lifts and doesn’t wear down my hair. After that, I need a conditioner that would hydrate my bleached ends back to life. From there I want what every girl wants, healthy, shiny, frizz-free hair — right?

Our Two Top Red Carpet Oscars Picks were Pretty in White!

kate hudson and jared leto at Oscars 2014

I’m going to be honest, I thought there were a lot of pretty dresses, no overwhelming fails but I didn’t have that take-my-breath-away moment over a gown. The closest I got was Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace. She looked absolutely stunning in the white gown. And it’s impressive when you can wear white and look like you’re walking down the red carpet instead of walking down the aisle. And with a white tux and red bow-tie, yes, I’m talking about Jared Leto… The high school dreamboat (Jordan Catalano forever!) who won Best Supporting Actor for “Dallas Buyers Club”, won my best dressed category as well.

6/1 NYC EVENT: Join Living Proof at Sephora Times Square

Living Proof SatinIf you’re free on Saturday, our friends at Living Proof (yes, that hair brand that Jennifer Aniston is a part owner of and has been promoting like cray), Ward Stegerhoek (LP Founder) and Tim Rogers (their Creative Director) will be performing a live styling demonstration at Sephora Times Square and  offering guests a sneak peek of their new Satin hair product before it hits stores.

Here are the full dets!

WHEN: Saturday, June 1, 2013

12pm – 1:30pm: Touch-Ups and consultations with Tim Rogers

2:00pm – 4:00pm: Master Class with Ward Stegerhoek, live transformations on models using products from the Living Proof Style Lab Series

WHERE: Sephora Times Square @ 43rd Street and Broadway, NYC

WHAT: Celebrate the launch of Satin, the latest technology from the Living Proof Style Lab series with consultations, styling and demonstrations from Living Proof’s renowned

Jennifer Aniston becomes co-owner of Living Proof!

OMG this is such a surprise! Living Proof, the awesome hair brand developed in Cambridge, Ma (ahem the town over from where I grew up!) announed today that Jennifer Aniston will become a co-owner and hair care spokesperson for the brand. Living Proof was founded by Dr. Robert Langer, Institute Professor of MIT and by Jon Flint and Amir Nashat of Polaris Venture Partners, a leading venture capital to develop products from a molecular level and by attracting world class scientists and utilizing advanced scientific technologies that originated from MIT to solve women’s toughest beauty problems.

“Jennifer embodies everything we stand for – a unique combination of beauty and brains. She not only has the most fabulous hair but is an amazing creative talent, and has shown she is a savvy 

Weekender Packing List: 10 Beach Bag Essentials

Since kicking off Memorial Day weekend in the Hamptons, I have not spent a single weekend in New York — I think I’ve officially played into the NYC stereotype (you know what they say New Yorkers leave the city during the summer weekends). No, not really! While I’ll be spending plenty of future weekends in NYC, the time away has helped me perfect my beach destination weekender bag packing list. While the products may change (although I’m a bit of a loyalist), the list shall remain the same… (for now.)

1. A Large Tote/Beach Bag

Vineyard Vines Vineyard Classic Tote ($95) – great for a weekend escape and perfect size tote for the beach! It can comfortably fit my towel, sunnies, book, snacks and bottle of wine (beach approved). Plus I’m originally from Mass., so I gotta represent for my Vinyard friends!

2. Bathing Suit Holder

Henri Bendel Bendel Girl Bikini Bag ($38) -It’s everything I never knew I always needed! It’s amazing this Bendel’s girl went so long without a case for her wet bathing suit. Especially since I like to be at the beach until the  very last minute or my getaway and don’t always have time to hang my suit to dry before packing it. (And I really dislike wasting plastic bags to carry it in.)

3. Bug Reppelant!

Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard Towelettes (8 pack/$14) and Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard Anti-Itch Spray ($10) – Mosquitos love me. Like, literally, I could be your walking bug repellant which is why I don’t leave my house in the summertime without an Avon’s Bug Towelette in my purse. It’s deet-free, affordable and it works, enough said. In fact, Avon’s entire Bug Guard collection is great (I just go with the towelettes for travel for convenience). Avon recently added an Anti-Itch spray to the collection and while I haven’t had the chance to use it (I haven’t been bitten yet!), I’m not traveling to a mosquito friendly destination (ahem Hamptons) without it. SIDE NOTE: If you enjoy games as much as I do, Avon also launched a super fun bug-squating game, BugBash on their Facebook page (get competitive with it and challenge a friend).

4. SPF!!!

Aveeno Hydrosport Sunscreen Spray with SPF 50 ($8.99) and Aveeno Positively Radiant SPF 30 ($16) – SPF is a must… always (unless you’re hanging out inside). The spray is great for in and out of the house, it’s no-fuss, no-mess and super lightweight! The Daily Moizturizer is great for my face and my favorite from the Aveeno line; it’s not oily, chalky or too heavy, which I prefer for summer. I’m so happy with it.

5. Flat Iron

 T3 SinglePass Compact Flat Iron ($79) – Don’t let it’s compact, travel-friendly size fool you, this flat iron does it all; it smoothes out my hair and gets rid of frizz while straightening it, and it makes strands super shiny and modelesque. I have a thick head of long, curly hair and this baby heats up quick and delivers! It’s my weekend warrior!

6. Defrizz Oil

Pureology Precious Oil ($40) and Sally Herschberger Hyper Hydration Super Argan Serum ($15) – Now you may think two oils is overkill. And it probably is if I didn’t have completely normal hair until the humidity comes out (then I’m a walking Monica from the TV show Friends in those island episodes —you know what the reference). Pureology’s oil is perfect for anyone with colored hair. It’s Green Seal certified and contains 100% biodegradable ingredients in a paraban, sulfate and silicone free formula. I was introduced to this product by Wendy Belanger, Pureology Global Artistic Director and owner of Influence Salon in Calgary, Canada,who described it with something for everyone: “Sunflower seed oil is great for softness and color protection, coconut oil helps with elasticity, olive oil gives shine, and jojoba oil imparts moisture.” I like it because my ends need more moisture and shine since getting an ombre, it fights humidity and I even use a little extra to weigh down my hair intentionally to give my long tresses some definition in their wave without looking greasy.  Sally Herschberger’s serum is great on dry hair and when my hair starts to frizz during the day. And unlike most oils it doesn’t leave that oily residue on my hands after application. The results are instant and it removes the frizz and smoothes out my strays without weighing down my hair. I like to think of it as my touch-up oil.

7. Hair UV Protectant

Living Proof Restore Revitalizing Spray ($26)— I think of this as SPF for my hair! Complete with UV protectant to shelf my strands from sun and heat damage from my flat iron. It’s super lightweight, making it an easy addition to my hair routine. Now if only Living Proof would just make it in travel size!

8. Lip Balm (with a little something something)

It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush 4-in-1 Reviver ($20)-  I use shade Je Ne Sais Quoi (which is a light pink), although I want to try the other shades (Love Story and Pretty Women). I’m fascinated by how something that doesn’t have a tinted stick, miraculously stains my lips, does all the work of an anti-aging lip treatment and chapstick and is paraben-free! Packed with antioxidants, including vitamins A, C, and E, acai, green tea, and white tea and combining the anti-aging superpowers of plum oil, cherry oil, shea butter, aloe, and jojoba, these ingredients all work together to condition, and nourish lips, and keep them from looking and getting wrinkly. And it feels oh so good on!

9. Self-Tanner

Beautisol Face Self-Tanner Need I Glow More? ($23)- fake it until you make it! I may not be getting a sun tan, (and probably attacking you with my SPF spray) but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to come back from a beach filled weekend, looking like I did! Beautisol is the first to create a skin-type-specific face self-tanning lotion and I use it all the time and have never broken out or it looks freakishly natural. Anyone thats ever complimented me on my tan will attest that I say, “it’s fake” with a little pride.

10. Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids

Cynthia Rowley for Band-Aid: Beach Sport Kit ($6.99) – While I have to admit the original collection of Cynthia Rowley for Band-Aid brand was my favorite, it wasn’t nearly as summery and colorful as the duos latest collection. The designer recently collaborated with Band-Aid s on a vibrant beach-friendly set that includes 20 qty waterproof bandages, and 4 qty Neosporin single use packets, wrapped in a plastic resealable case to keep the sand out. Great for anyone on the go and in your beach bag just in case someone gets a boo-boo. If I owned a car, you would fine a set in my glove-compartment.

 Disclaimer: These products have been given to me over the years for post consideration. Most have already been featured and are now part of my list of must-haves. Pretty Connected was under no obligation to write this review.

Living Proof Expands Restore Collection + Launches Restore the Love 14 Day Challenge

In December we posted about the launch of Living Proof’s new Restore collection consisting of a shampoo, conditioner, and mask treatment. Now the innovative hair brand is expanding the collection with the launch of 3 new products: Restore Targeted Repair Cream (designed to add shine and prevent split ends), Revitalizing Spray (which consists of pro-vitamins to strengthen hair and protect against heat and UV damage for up to 24 hours) and Recovery Regimen (which is a weekly anti-damage ampoule treatment, formulated to repair frequently colored, chemically processed and overly stressed hair). Additionally, they have launched the Discovery Set, which is a 3-peice set that includes a 2-week supply of their Restore Shampoo (2oz), Conditioner (2oz) and Mask Treatment (1oz).

{Mix and match the products to find your perfect combination}

What I like most about the Restore collection is it’s designed to repair dry and damaged hair and serve more like a hair diet to revert hair back to it’s “virgin hair” state. Once your hair is restored, you can move on to one of their other haircare lines, or mix and match as I like to do. Originally when

Booty Queen for Halloween

*My flash decided to censor my stuffed bra.
*My flash decided to censor my stuffed bra. Top by Nicole Romano, Blue Jean Denim Leggings by Mark. (worked great for stuffing my behind!), Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

Oh Kim, why did we think Karaoke as a good idea?
Oh Kim, why did we think Karaoke as a good idea?
kim kard3 best
Look at those eyes! Ignore my hair (I was rained on)

Halloween is a fun time of year when you can really go outside your comfort zone and play dress up without any concern about looking too ridiculous or over-dressed.  This year, I decided to be Kim Kardashian.  It was very entertaining creating this costume considering it was my first ‘stuff my bra/butt experience.’  It also gave me an opportunity to test a lot of products.

Here’s a quick excerpt of the my Kim Kardashian look (more detailed review to come):


Redken Go Clean Shampoo and Finish Up Conditioner – Love it! This is part of Redken’s men’s line but it works really well on my hair.  Great lather, my hair comes out shiny and well, clean.  But yes, you’ll smell like a dude.  When men ask me for a list of products I recommend for them, this is always on the list (unless they have color treated hair).

Ken Paves Professional Styling Iron – Part of Ken Paves’ Travel line, is this lightweight straightener, which is fast becoming my everyday straightener – it’s that good.  Originally I was apprehensive about this product since I didn’t think ‘one heat setting fits all’ is viable for flat irons; however it gets very hot (up to 410 degrees F), which is what is really necessary for my curly hair.  Warning, if you generally use your flat iron on a low heat setting, this may not be the product for you.  Unless of course the heat settings automatically adjusts based on hair need, but either way there is no dial to manually control it.  I will investigate this further and report back.

Living Proof Straight Making No Frizz Styling Treatment – a great protective cream for when you’re using a flat iron or blow-drying your hair.  Helps fight frizz and only requires a small dollop to service your entire scalp.  It’s no wonder this line has been winning so many prestigious beauty awards!

Cutler Specialist Fly-Away Control Stick This is my go to product for fly aways. Shaped like a deodorant stick, I just roll them over problematic areas and I’m all set for the entire evening.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume All-Out Hold Hairspray – This product fell a little flat.  It has great hold, but didn’t maintain the volume I was hoping for.


L’Oreal Infallible Plumping Lip Gloss in Plumped Pink and Plumped Red – It tingles a bit, and I definitely felt a little plumping action taking place, but having pretty full lips already, it wasn’t