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Harper’s Bazaar and Jeffrey’s Hosts Jeffrey Fashion Cares Event

Jeffrey Kalinsky thanking guests for their support of Jeffrey Fashion Cares
Sonja Morgan with blogger Jonanthan Valdez

Last night, Harper’s Bazaar and one of my favorite-if-I-could-afford-it stores, Jeffrey’s hosted an exclusive event to thank supporters of the Jeffrey Fashion Cares program. Hosted Harper’s Bazaar, editor in chief,  Glenda Bailey, and Mr. Jeffrey himself, Jeffrey Kalinsky, and designers Derek Lam, Peter Som and Rachel Roy it was quite an honor to be in the presence of so many wonderful fashion veterans.

Jeffrey Fashion Cares, is an organization that raises funds and awareness for people living with HIV/AIDS and members of the LGBTQ community.  Over the past 18 years, Jeffrey Fashion Cares has raised nearly $11 million for LGBT and LGBT youth charities and non-profit organizations, with 95% of every dollar raised going directly to beneficiaries through the New York and Atlanta events.

For those of you in NYC that would like to get involved, or attend the next Jeffrey Fashion Cares New York benefit, which will be held on March 26th visit jeffreyfashioncares.com

Spotted: Giuliana Rancic at the Lia Sopia Lounge

Spotted: Giuliana Rancic at the Lia Sopia Social Fashion Suite, as the jewelry brand debuts their Fall/Winter 2011 collection and Red Carpet line at the Empire Hotel during New York Fashion Week.

In what felt like a Pretty Connected exclusive with the E! News host, what with my friend Jonathan Valdez (of OJ&B ) and I, being the only lounge attendants with her (other then the staff and camera-man); we took full advantage of some quality time with Giuliana, complimenting her on — her jewelry!

Scope out the Lia Sophia Fall/Winter 2011 Red Carpet Collection! I picked up the red/gold necklace.

Although after making my selection I had slight remorse over not getting the arrow ring! How hot is that!?!?! Jon Valdez scored it instead (arrow earrings and necklace are also available).

Then we played with the jewelry on the step and repeat until our unexpected guest Giuliana came through the lounge, then all eyes

Patrick McMullan & David Foox Celebrate Bunnies

Patrick McMullan and David Foox. Photo Credit: Lara Eurdolian

In celebration of the Year of the Rabbit, Patrick McMullan and David Foox debut their collection with a rocking opening reception at the Sanctuary Hotel. Much fun was to be had; so Laura, Antonio and I got a leetle silly. Which is always a good thing in this crowd. And the night only got crazier from there…

Antonio is friends with Patrick so I hopped on the bunny train and went to dinner with iconic photographer –which was awesome since I got his Kiss Kiss book in the gift bag and wanted an intimate moment to ask him to sign it! Strangely the evening ended with us in front of the Transformers 3 premiere watching Patrick shoot the red carpet. It’s always the unsuspecting NYC nights, where I think I’m going to an art show for an hour and will be in bed by 10pm that turn into the late night most fun evenings.


Lara Eurdolian, Antonio Fiumara, Laura Boyens. Photo Credit Lara Eurdolian
Patrick McMullan in action with Michael Musto in the background! Photo Credit: Lara Eurdolian
Bloggers unite! Jonathan Valdez, Lara Eurdolian. Photo Credit: Lara Eurdolian
Bunny Ears! Photo Credit: Lara Eurdolian
Lara Eurdolian, Laura Boyens. Photo Credit: Lara Eurdolian
I LOVE Patrick's assistant's sweater! Photo Credit: Lara Eurdolian


Hash 55, Bon Jovi and Harboring Hearts

Bon Jovi Live at Madison Square Garden 2.24.11
Hash 55 Signature Cocktails

What do they have in common? They were all apart of my Thursday night. And, no, not literally hash (although the invitation did promise “hash brownies”); it was the opening party for Hash 55, a new modern, eclectic lounge and hookah bar in Midtown.

Generally, I’m not one for Midtown bars, but the timing worked out perfecting since I scored two tickets to Bon Jovi at Madison Square Garden and figured, why not? I grabbed my date, got a drink and endured an over-booked party –we lasted about 20minutes. I don’t care how much free alcohol is in tow, it’s not worth being constantly bumped into because a party is at capacity. And I’d love to comment on the food (mainly the brownies), but literally the poor waiters would come out with horderves and would get pounced on. The problem was the party was thrown upstairs in the lounge, which is a very cool, intimate space that on a non-open bar, invite-the-entire-city type of an evening, would be a great hang out. And their signature cocktails are great! The downstairs is a large seated restaurant with bar. I wish they extended the celebration into that space so we had more room (the restaurant only had a few reservations). So naturally, my date and I