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How I Built my Beauty Career // Walk with Walsh

Jennifer Walsh Lara Eurdolian walk with walshOutfit details: Thursday Boots, 7 For Mankind Jeans, Splendid Tee, Dear Drew necklace, Eliza J Jacket, Ray-ban sunglasses, Pretty Connected Shop rings, bag an belt.

I’m thrilled to be in the latest episode of Walk with Walsh and interviewed by good friend and fellow bad @$$, Jennifer Walsh. She’s a community builder, health entrepreneur, TV personality, beauty expert and so much more.

Nothing about my road to ‘success’ has been short or easy. It still isn’t. The beauty industry is changing industry has changed so much over the decade I’ve been blogging and 14 years I’ve been in the industry working for major brands including NARS, Jurlique, Kiehl’s and Avon (and consulting for dozens more).  People see me on social media regularly being featured in major magazines or judging beauty awards for Glamour, ICMAD and having partnerships with New Beauty and advertorials with a handful of others. I get a lot of questions about how I’m getting these placements and opportunities. The answer is relationships and being really knowledgeable about the space. I’ve done a lot of training’s, I show up to events to learn all about the new launches. Click this link or the one above to hear my story, advice and walk with Walsh. My mantra will forever be: work hard, support each other, and grow your relationships.

Jennifer Walsh Launches First Collegiate Beauty Brand: Pride & Glory!

Pride & Glory Jennifer Walsh

Here at Pretty Connected, we LOVE Jennifer Walsh. She’s probably one of the most inspiring, and wonderful women I know and when it comes to the beauty industry, she’s top notch and in a league of her own — she’s beyond knowledgeable and has consulted with more beauty brands then I can count!

Well I have some exciting news! After founding The Beauty Bar in 1998 and spending 16 years on TV educating viewers, our favorite beauty veteran has a new venture. She’s launching her very own innovative skincare line, Pride & Glory. Pride & Glory is the country’s first ever collegiate beauty brand that partners with each school to give back to a local charity of that college.

My moment with Jennifer Walsh at the ICMAD Awards (when we made up a category for favorite person ever)
My moment with Jennifer Walsh at the ICMAD Awards (when we made up a category for favorite person ever)

Inspiration for this line came about after the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy. Though Jennifer was not physically effected by the storm, what she experienced and witnessed propelled her to get involved and she became very active in the recovery process and in organizing drives. For 6 months after the storm hit she rented a U-haul truck every week, and thanks to her supporters and social media outreach was able to fill them with donations from all over the country to help those in need.

PC Judges the ICMAD Beauty Awards. And the winners are…

Lara Eurdolian 2014 ICMAD awards

A few months back I was honored to be asked to judge the Independent Cosmetics Manufacturers and Distributors (ICMAD) Beauty awards, and accepted. Testing and reviewing 85 products, the categories we’re built under three pillars, best new breakout products, packaging, and advertising campaigns.

Sandy Relief Efforts: How to donate supplies!

My AMAZING friend Jennifer Walsh has organized a  work center and has created an easy list of supplies needed. If you’re looking to donate supplies (whether you’re in our out of New York), email: [email protected] to get involved. All the information is below and here’s the link to the original post on her Tumblr page: behindthebrandmedia.tumblr.com.



We have set up a work center and will organize everything and now have found the vehicles to take things to places in need: top of the list are Breezy Point,  Staten Island, and Rockaways, in the coming days.

If you are from out of town and would like to send a box of something for the cause, we could really use it. It is very hard to get supplies in NYC right now. Resources are depleted and suppliers are having a hard time keeping items on shelves. It is also difficult to transport locally because gas is impossible to get. Busses, cabs and cars are waiting for hours to buy fuel and there is barely enough then.