Jennifer Walsh Launches First Collegiate Beauty Brand: Pride & Glory!

Pride & Glory Jennifer Walsh

Here at Pretty Connected, we LOVE Jennifer Walsh. She’s probably one of the most inspiring, and wonderful women I know and when it comes to the beauty industry, she’s top notch and in a league of her own — she’s beyond knowledgeable and has consulted with more beauty brands then I can count!

Well I have some exciting news! After founding The Beauty Bar in 1998 and spending 16 years on TV educating viewers, our favorite beauty veteran has a new venture. She’s launching her very own innovative skincare line, Pride & Glory. Pride & Glory is the country’s first ever collegiate beauty brand that partners with each school to give back to a local charity of that college.

My moment with Jennifer Walsh at the ICMAD Awards (when we made up a category for favorite person ever)
My moment with Jennifer Walsh at the ICMAD Awards (when we made up a category for favorite person ever)

Inspiration for this line came about after the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy. Though Jennifer was not physically effected by the storm, what she experienced and witnessed propelled her to get involved and she became very active in the recovery process and in organizing drives. For 6 months after the storm hit she rented a U-haul truck every week, and thanks to her supporters and social media outreach was able to fill them with donations from all over the country to help those in need.

Many people say that greatness can stem and grow from tragedy. And this desire to to continue to make a difference and her love for the beauty industry carved the realizing that she could tap the market by creating a beauty brand, that at its core was about giving back to local communities and thus Pride & Glory was born.

As the country’s first ever collegiate beauty brand, Walsh has created a new category in the beauty industry, garnering the exclusive rights to sell logoed beauty products for the collegiate market. Each collection will be customized by each college and she will partner with each school to give back to the local charity of that college’s choice. Ms. Walsh has been working on this for over a year and a half and has made this line 100% in the USA.

Having spent the past school year touring across the country and speaking at various universities about entrepreneurship and building socially responsible brands, she has hosted beauty events on campuses and has already garnered an excited group of followers about having their own custom made products. With the support of students, the fans, and the alumni, Pride & Glory has an extensive roll out plan of products over the next 3-6 years, as well as some major collaborations with fashion brands in the works.

Pride & Glory is launching with 8 colleges, Vanderbilt, Florida State, Auburn University, Louisiana State University, South Carolina, Tennessee, University of Florida, and University of Alabama with a collection consisting of a shower gel, hand wash, hand lotion, body lotion and bar soap which are now available for pre-order to be shipped out September 22nd. And there’s much more to come…

While much of the line and distribution plan is still on the down low, one thing is clear, with someone like Jennifer Walsh at the helm, big and exciting things are ahead.

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