5 Super Fan Lady Date Ideas that are Winter Weather Friendly

Baby, it’s cold outside… and minus hitting the bar or picking out a fab new brunch spot I have five fun (depending on your definition) indoor activities that make for the perfect lady date. These are specific to NYC but most cities have comparable options!

1. Hit the Spa – Call it a cliche but it’s so not over-rated!  I recently blew off a Friday afternoon and went to Oasis Spa with my friend Milly (check out her blog!) — that’s us above, don’t we look relaxed? IT WAS THE BEST! She got a Swedish Massage and I got a Deep Tissue and the only thing we couldn’t agree on is who had a better time. Hands down the perfect way to end the week and so relaxing. We both really needed the down time and girl hang. I’ve been to Oasis several time and it’s never disappointed.

2. Workout – Taking a class with a friend and then going for a juice after is what’s up. Granted it’s not for everyone but after being a total hibernating coach potato (I’m referring to myself), moving and sweating makes you feel so good after. And there’s literally a work out for everyone. Here are a few random ones I’ve recently enjoyed: 305 Fitness (dance party workout SLT (strengthen, Lengthen, Tone – kicks your @$$ but you feel amazing after, Cyc (30 minute high energy cycling that works your whole body), Box and Flow (boxing meets yoga), Aqua Studio (cycling class in the water).

Alternatively if you want to burn the calories but exercising isn’t your thing check out Shapehouse. It’s an urban sweat lodge that offers individual beds or couple rooms and you sweat while getting to watch Netflix and lay down.

3. iPic Theaters – It’s literally the first class movie watching experience. The seat pods are for two and you each get a retractable seat with your feet up, complete with a blanket, pillow and table to order food and drink from a really delicious, gourmet menu. It’s easily the most indulgent and enjoyable way to go to the movies.

4. Blowouts and manis – Drybar is a great date activity since you probably need a blow-out anyways and what better way to start the night then blowouts together and a celebratory glass (or two) of champagne — which they serve complimentary while they do your hair. There are a ton of manicure places that offer similar pampering including Paintbox, which is a splurge but does incredible nail designs. I can’t believe I haven’t been to Chillhouse yet, but I can already tell I’ll love it and need my next mani-date to be there. If you’re in a rush and need a mani and blowout in 45minutes MB45 is the spot. They are the ultimate multi-tasking salon. Another fun activity is getting your makeup done at Blushington, they are the Drybar of makeup and can help get you glam for a night out.

5. Take a classGroupon is a great way to discover great classes on the cheap. I also like to ask friends and search Time Out New York for suggestions. If there’s a specific activity whether it be taking an art, cooking or pottery class, do some research and see what’s offered in your area. I had two activities I was dying to do before the end of the year, a welding class and a trapeze class, and the most amazing ladies in my life bought me passes for both for my birthday and I can’t wait to do it with them!

Experiences make memories and while it’s so tempting to hide indoors when it’s cold, it’s so important to have friend dates. Ironically these are great solo activities as well but there’s nothing like a friend to help motivate you to get out of the house.

If you have any other suggestions, leave a comment below. You know how much I love trying new things! xoLara