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DVF at Lucky FABB + TODAY ONLY 20% off Harper-Connect Bag!

DVF at Lucky FABB showing off her NEW Harper-Connect bag

Last month, the Pretty Connected team attended Lucky Magazine’s 2nd annual Fashion and Beauty Blogger (FABB) Conference. Highlight of the day was keynote speaker Diane von Furstenburg, who’s all around fabulousness inspires us to no end.

Her energy, her innovation and her support of women motivates us to be the entreprenuers we strive for at Pretty Connected –especially with our recent incorparation of our sister consulting company, Pretty Social (website and more info to come!).

We’re so used to women in this industry being powerhouses or workaholics (we’re slightly guilty of that), so to see the mother-ship of powerhouse women be so calm, collected and balanced made us hang onto her every word and feed off her advice. She stood before us composed, head to toe in her signature label; slim, tan and gorgeous (as always), spreading her message of ‘you can have it all; a great career, a wonderful family and healthy lifestyle’.

As she spoke out to a room of 250 predominantly female bloggers, she listed these three things all women should have (surprisingly enough a DVF wrap-dress was not one of them):

1. The most important relationship you will ever have is the one you make with yourself.

2. All women should have children.

3. It is very important for women to have an identity outside of their career.

DVF Harper-Connect bag

To each their own on #2 (especially since we’re not there yet, but look forward to that day), but we couldn’t be more thrilled and in agreement over #1 and #3; which we take to heart as we navigate to find a healthy work/life balance.

She also made a great social media point about when she tweets (yes when she signs ‘love Diane’ at the end of the tweet, it’s actually her!), that the non-sales, non-promotional, more heartfelt tweets are always the ones that get the most attention and responses!

She also took a moment to show off her new DVF Harper-Connect bag, which looks like any other gorgeous, well constructed, perfect-sized everyday bag and then opened it up to display that it doubles as an iPad case! To die for! And exclusive today only (September 29th) on DVF.com,  she’s offering the bag for 20% off!!!! Use the code HARPER20 at checkout to redeem.

So if you have the means, take advantage. We’ll be infinitely jealous of all who do!

Also on our radar, is the new DVF fragrance, Diane, which debut last week at Bloomingdale’s. Described as a floral woody scent that combines the Mastery of the Frangipani Flower with the Softness of Violet Leaves, I’m not sure what that means, but it sounds divine!

Pretty Connected Featured in Revlon’s “What’s Your Power Color” Video

Back in February, Lucky Magazine hosted their inaugural Fashion and Beauty Blog (FABB) Conference, powered by Revlon. Over the course of the day Revlon filmed a segment asking each of us two makeup questions: “What is your power color?” and “What is your power makeup pick?”

There were 150 bloggers in attendance at FABB and only a handful were featured. I am so honored to have made the cut–much less be be highlighted for both questions!

The video can also be viewed on Revlon’s Facebook page and new YouTube channel and Lucky Magazine’s Facebook page, so check them out and be sure to let them know what your power color is.

Speaking of video segments…I’m excited to announce that I’ll be collaborating with The Look on The Pulse Network. More details to come (and of course I’ll post it once I’m done with the shoot).


Must Have for Spring: Converse Jac Purcell + Scoreboard Watch

Converse Jack Purcell shoes + Scoreboard watch (Ginger+Liz manicure)

After a very long week in Boston, I came home to another exciting package, my new Converse Women’s Jack Purcell shoes! I was first introduced to these beauties at Lucky Magazine’s Fashion and Beauty Blog (FABB) conference and thought who’s Jack Purcell?

He’s only one of the most amazing Badminton players of all time and former World Badminton Champion! Pretty random, huh?  Which of course only made me want them more (I love the random sports—ping pong is my only exercise of choice). That and I retired my Chuck Taylor’s last summer and was in need of a low, canvas sneaker for spring. And wouldn’t you know it, they brought the spring weather with them!

It was so warm and amazing out I wore them out all weekend (except Sunday night when it rained!). I even got to break them in on Friday night when I went to ping pong social club, SPiN New York for my good friend (and infamous table tennis player) Kaz’ birthday! Not to be all matchy-matchy, but I rocked my Jack Purcell’s with the Converse Scoreboard watch ($70), which I got last month at the conference! It not only keeps time, but also has an alarm, date, stopwatch feature and comes in a variety of fun colors. It’s also water resistant and very sporty with it’s silicone strap. Plus, how great does it look with my Jack Purcell’s? It definitely completed my look! Also you may want to take a minute to reflect on my silver metallic Ginger + Liz manicure (in shade “Tuck Me In“) thanks to TJ at Ryan Darious Salon. My nails look like they’re from outer space…love, love, love!

Lucky Magazine Hosts FABB Conference

Event: Lucky Magazine Inaugural Fashion and Beauty Blogger (FABB) Conference
When: February 8th
Venue: Apella, NYC

Fellow Blogger Kimmy Scotti and Lara Eurdolian (me!) at FABB

Lucky Magazine did an extraordinary thing for us bloggers, when hosting their inaugural Fashion and Beauty Blogger (FABB) Conference last week.  To have such an amazing publication show their support to the Blogger community and take the time to organize such an incredibly group of guest speakers and panelists shows a high level of acceptance of us in this industry. I mean HELLO! They got us Jenna Lyons, Tory Burch, Joan Rivers, Sohie Buhai, Lisa Mayock, Kerry Diamond, Erika Bearman (aka @OscarPRGirl) and so many more incredible speakers and notable bloggers. And proved that there’s no reason for all of this hype that magazines and bloggers are in competition, but rather can work to support each other to mutually grow and benefit. Of course on some level we are, but not any more so then we are with our fellow bloggers, and with this new social space it’s a great time for us to come together.

Brandon Holley and Tory Burch
Jenna Lyons (my inspiration), Lara Eurdolian

I was curious to meet Brandon Holley, the new editor in chief of Lucky magazine, who was hosting the event. She recently replaced former Lucky editor, Kim France who founded the publication. Clearly, she has big shoes to fill, however Holley came from Shine, Yahoo’s site for women and obviously has a strong digital and web background. And is putting that experience to good use; it was both innovative and monumental for Lucky to start FABB. Am I expressing the magnitude of this! Most of us would have been content with a digital director hosting the event and her making an appearance. The fact that Holley took the time out of her busy schedule to spend an entire day with us, and advocate for our growth is epic.

Okay, enough gushing, you get the point. The room was filled with bloggers at all levels; from ones who haven’t started their blogs to those who have created a business out of them. I walked out of the conference inspired and hopeful. My notebook was filled with advice including