Beauty workout bag essentials

eos lip balm, lesportsac makeup case, yes to carrots face wipesGreetings from Austin! It’s been an amazing week for SXSW. Interactive just ended and now comes the music portion of the festival. With all the decadent eating out here and endless BBQ’s and Tex-Mex (not to mention my training for Machu Picchu), I hooked up with a local cycling studio, Ride which I highly recommend to anyone who’s visiting Austin.

As someone who is always on the road, I realize that unlike most people who have a workout bag, I have a workout makeup case which houses all of my beauty essentials. It makes it very convenient to pack as well as drop in any of my 5,000 workout bags without worrying I left something at home. Here are the staples that are always in the case:

LeSportsac Makeup Bag (medium size) – I have a million makeup bags but for my workout bag I’m a LeSportsac loyalist. Their cosmetic cases are lightweight, waterproof and always come in fun, vibrant prints so they are easy to find in my travel bag. Plus it’s the medium zip-up case is the perfect size to fit all of my essentials.

EOS Lip Balm ($3.49) – they smell great, work like a charm and the packaging makes me happy. I like to apply before and after my workout to keep my lips on point! And at $3.50 they are a steal and last forever.

EOS Hand Cream ($1.99) – Easily the best budget hand cream and it’s the perfect size for traveling. The formula is really light-weight and after an hour on the bike my hands need the recharge (plus it feels so nice to massage your hands with).

Batiste Dry Shampoo ($3.29) – A great hair refresher to clean up your sweaty scalp and add a little lift and life back into your hairdo. Plus it smells great to mask any signs of not washing your hair post-workout.

Kenra Texture Powder 4 ($22) – This product just may change your life (it did for me!). It gives amazing volume that lasts without being too gritty and is a flexible hold so you can style and re-style your hair without any interference. Works great on it’s own or after a dry shampoo. In my case I use the Baptiste first since it’s so cheap to get me 80% of the way and then sprinkle the Kenra to add extra volume so I don’t run through my bottle too fast.

Yes to Carrots Makeup Wipes ($2.99/pack of 10, $5.99/pack of 30) – Makeup wipes in your workout bag are a must. It’s great to take off existing makeup pre-workout and also to clean your face and get the sweat off your pores post workout.

Twistband Hair Elastics ($7.50/pack of 3)- No matter your preference in hair ties, keep a few in your workout bag. There’s nothing worse then getting to gym and realizing you don’t have one on hand (or yours breaks). The ribbon elastics are great since they are less damaging then normal elastics, don’t cause headaches or dents or stretch out. Plus they come in so many fun prints and colors.

Secret Outlast Deodorant Clear Gel – It goes on smooth without leaving marks and is an antiperspirant and deodorant. I use it before and after my workout. The clear gel makes for a nice, cooling experience after an intense workout.

Perfume sample – I usually keep a fragrance samples I get from department stores in my makeup bag as the last step to refreshing my look before leaving the gym.

Pandora Jewelry Box – I own a lot of jewelry pieces from Pandora and the box that they give when you make a purchase is perfect for any bag. Find a comparable jewelry box to store your jewelry in while you work out. Otherwise in my experience it gets tangled or lost in my bag. This box is cushioned and makes me feel secure that I know where my jewelry is post-workout.

Extra Socks – Having a backup pair of clean socks has saved me so many times. Whether it’s tights season or I’m wearing an awkward sock to work out it (or just want a clean pair), you would be surprised how many times this comes in handy.

Headphones – I always keep a backup pair in the bag, just in case I forget my regular set. Lately, I’ve been using a new pair from Normal earphones, which custom 3D-prints the buds based on your ear shape for a perfect fit. Otherwise, I keep a pair of promotional cheap ones that are compact in the bag as a backup.

The best part about spinning is most of the studios have their own built in shoes so if I’m dressed to work out all I need is my filled LeSportsac bag and I’m good to go.

What are your workout must-have beauty products? Tweet me @prettyconnected and let me know! xoLara