Are you an Aveeno Active Natural? Harboring Hearts is!

Do you remember how excited I was to be featured by AVEENO (in Elle Magazine no less!!) for their ACTIVE NATURALS campaign? If you need a refresher the print ad is below and the campaign centered around  AVEENO awarding eight grants in the amount of $10,000 to a different fan monthly (starting in May) who visited their Facebook page and  shared how they live as ACTIVE NATURALS and work to enrich, engage, and encourage a beautiful change in their community.

The concept can conceived from AVEENO’s belief that the ACTIVE NATURALS® ingredients in their products help care for skin and hair to make a healthier, more beautiful difference. So this year, they decided to focus on how people can live as ACTIVE NATURALS® — each one of us has the power to make a difference in the lives of our family and friends, and in our communities.

Woot woot, my AVEENO Active Naturals print campaign

Lets just say I was so excited about the campaign, and all the good Aveeno was up to that I obviously posted about it, tweeted it non-stop, turned to Facebook… (I mean I did everything short of make a t-shirt and wear it everyday). Well I’m so glad I did, because in all of my social media promotion, one of my readers entered her very worthy charity, Harboring Hearts, and was the June’s recipient!

AVEENO Wants You To Take Steps For The Planet

Walking through the Aveeno Forest in Times Square

With Earth Day right around the corner (April 22nd), AVEENO kicked off the month with an ACTIVE NATURALS Forest in New York’s Times Square to launch their BE AN ACTIVE NATURAL campaign. While I’ve been to many pop-up shops, this is definitely my first pop-up forest and most enjoyable (and natural) walk through Times Square!

The forest was part of the AVEENO BE AN ACTIVE NATURAL™ program, which is in an initiative to help raise awareness for healthy living and environmental sustainability. The program, encourages consumers to make small changes in their daily lives and they are rewarding everyone who joins them on FACEBOOK (www.facebook.com/aveeno), and makes a pledge towards a healthier planet. By doing so, you will earn points that