Aloha!! Taking a Two-Week Hiatus

Aloha Four Seasons Kona aka Paradise

My Packing List for Hawaii

Part of my New Years resolutions is to be more adventurous, so on Christmas day I booked a trip to Hawaii for New Years.  I traded in NYC snow for Kona (and eventually Maui) sunshine!

My trips two weeks, so I packed the essentials for my paradise vacation:

More in depth review to come, but for now I need to catch a flight!

Affiliation: Sponge, Whish, Macadamia Natural Oil, Hard Candy, Ken Paves, and Upper Canada products we’re sent to me by a company representative for the purpose of this blog.  Estee Lauder was given to me by a company rep. for a previous blog I wrote for; Shiseido I received in a gift bag. I was under no obligation to write this review for any of these brands.

Styling Bike Helmets

Founded in 2008, YAKKAY is a Denmark based company, that merges safety and style to create some really good looking helmets  I want an equestrian style one! Too bad they aren’t available in the US:(


RIP Yves Rocher (1930-2009)

Yves Rocher, French entrepreneur who founded the global natural cosmetic and beauty company passed away Saturday from a stroke at age 79.

French President, Nicolas Sarkozy paid tribute to Rocher, pronouncing him  a “great French industrialist, inventor of plant-based cosmetics and pioneer of catalogue sales.”

Currently, Groupe Yves Rocher, has a diversified holding but the family still owns 75% of the company.  Yves  grandson, Bris Rocher who has served as Vice President since 2003 is set to become President.

Yves Rocher leaves behind a very strong legacy with his namesake, that achieves annual revenues of over 2 billion (euros).  The firms distribution channels include, online, catalogues,  retail stores, as well as door-to-door selling, generating 40 million clients worldwide.

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