Living Room Upgrade

Since James moved in with me and got a wood shop, we’ve been all about revamping our apartment. With it being summer, we updated our throw pillows and took off the radiator cover and stripped down the paint on the pipes and James built some shelves for some extra storage over it. And I ordered a massive white rug which I feel like is the last major piece I really needed to revamp my living room before focusing on painting.


Lets be honest, if I had my way, my living would look like a girly parlor room but since James shot that down, I’ve been leaning more towards a modern and open aesthetic with some vintage elements while he’s more into  a natural, woodsy/loft look — which I like as well but don’t think we have the layout for. Given that we have light floors, which neither of us are a fan of and our different wants we’ve had to compromise a bit. We’ve spent hours on Pinterest pinning any image that we both like on Pinterest (it’s the best place to get inspired and channel your creativity!) and  have a special board called Apartment Inspiration. I’m also incredibly inspired by my friend Leah, who works in interiors so I’m always asking her questions and checking out her recommendations — I mean look at her apartment… I just want her to design my entire space with her aesthetic.

bedroom inspiration

apartment inspiration

This weekend we stopped by Ace Hardware to check out the paint assortment from Clark+Kensington, which is their exclusive in-store paint brand. Their website is awesome and great for getting ideas for remodeling and painting. Our current debate is if we should paint all of the walls or just do an accept wall in the back and leave the rest white.

Here’s what our living room looks like now:

Pretty Connected apartment

Originally I wanted to keep the walls light so it felt more open (the way Leah did her bedroom) but I saw this room on Clark+Kensington‘s site and now am debating a dark blue-grey. If I changed around some of the throw pillows, I think our living room is large enough that I could make this work. I would need to change the throw pillows and a few accents.Room decor from Ace Hardware

The couch I just purchased is almost identical to the one featured above. The other idea is doing a very muted off-white with a touch of green like shade #28D-1 In the Midst or more of a touch of grey-green like shade #28C-1 White Plum.

Paint Swatches

I’m also linking the yellow shade Lucky Star Kidcc-34 featured below. I think it would make the couch pop really nicely and could work as an accent wall for the back wall and maybe for the shelves.

Ace Hardware paint

Are you redesigning your home? Tweet me @prettyconnected and let me know where you find your inspiration or if you have any advice on my apartment.


Ace Hardware

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