Sharing our Favorite New Product in the NewBeauty Beauty Report Issue!

The Beauty Report features top industry favorite new beauty launches and I was honored to be included. My pick was the DefenAge 3D Eye Radiance Cream. And while it’s epic, I also wanted to take a second to shout out the whole system. Admittedly I cheat on the mask and cleanser but the serum and moisturizer duo are a dream team! And get this, you use the 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream (aka moisturizer) first and then within 30 seconds put the 8-in-1 BioSerum on top (aka serum), basically it gets absorbed through the hairs on your face for a stronger delivery system and all I can say is I’m hooked. My sister who has acne scars and for lack of a better word, dull skin has been using the set and it completely transformed her skin within weeks. The eye cream is a new addition which I completely burned through. I should also note you can get the products majorly discounted on

“I usually wake up with sunken, sleep-deprived eyes, and this cream instantly lifts and brightens within minutes while targeting dark circles, puffiness and the appearance of cross-feet over time. I can also use it on my upper eyelids to help lift.”

New Beauty also has a ton of cool beauty product collaboration boxes.

They have Test Tube, the latest one features $150 in products from brands like for $29.95. The Beauty Box, which is seasonal and the current Beauty Report Box sold out, which is no surprise when it’s $370 worth of product from Living Proof, Neostrata, Bioderma, Sio, Helloo… for $39.95. Although definitely bookmark the link since they have a way of outdoing themselves with every issue. They also recently launched a series of beauty boxes with Amazon for $24.95 that features over $150 in product. Pictured above is the Jet Set box, but I have my eye on the Stop The Clock Box!