How to Organize Your Beauty Closet – Expert Tips from my Elle Decor and Spotlyte Features

My best organization hack: Ikea Alex organizers (the wide and skinny ones)

Spring cleaning is here and I’m also currently moving offices so I’ve been decluttering, donating and reorganizing my beauty closet like a mad woman. I had two amazing features this month, one with Elle Decor, the other with Spotlyte all focused around tips for storing/organizing your beauty products. I was also featured in an awesome article in Self last year that goes super in depth with their recommendations.

In the 10+ years of blogging and 15 years in the beauty industry, I’ve literally tried it all. And for me the Ikea Alex Drawers — both sizes, ALEX™ Drawer ($89) and ALEX Drawer Unit ($129) are the holy grail. For the latter I remove the casters and I stacked two on top of each other.

Most of the suggestions I read in these articles by other contributors are good for smaller beauty stashes (I definitely recommend reading them all for inspiration) but I’m highlighting a few that inspired me from each article. Check them out below but between all of these articles you should have what you need to get organized!

Elle Decor 7 Brilliant Ways to Organize and Store Your Makeup

Highlights: Mugs and candles to hold brushes (I do this too) and it’s a common hack but definitely noteworthy.

Acrylic Organizers in Drawers, amazon to container store have a lot of options but containers for inside your shelves is so necessary.

Spotlyte Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Stash — Straight from Editors and Influencers.

Highlights: Whitewashed Wooden Storage Bins with Handles ($12.99). You definitely need some type of box to put your products on a shelf, and I like the aesthetic of this suggestion by Andrew Fitzsimons, Celebrity Hairstylist.

The Clear Stackable Large Shoe Drawers (on sale $9.74 each) from The Container Store, another winner for when you need to see through your stash. A lot of the acrylic organizers are cute but not practical if you have a large stash I found this one to be genius and affordable. Awesome recommendation by Christen Dominique, Founder of Dominique Cosmetics

Shout out to Self 8 Makeup Organization Hacks Beauty Bloggers Use Every Day – definitely read this article for more tips!

Lastly I wanted to call out this feature I was in for Fashionista on ‘How Can I Resell, Donate or Recycle Beauty Products I Don’t Want?’

It features my non-profit program Share Your Beauty with I co-founded with Family to Family, which accepts new beauty products in the NYC/Westchester tri-state area and delivers to women’s shelters. Learn more HERE. To date we have collected over 130,000 unused beauty products. It also offers other great tips on how to sell or to unload. The other other tip I would offer is if you have gently used makeup to contact your local theatre depts. I donated to one in Texas and they were so grateful!

I just launched an @insteadofmovement project to help be a resource to living a more sustainable (but still fashionable) life. And these tips on how to reuse, recycle, and donate definitely what we’re all about. If you know of any great companies doing amazing things that are a resource like Share Your Beauty, in other industries reach out!