Buxom Launches PillowPout Plumping Lip Powder

Buxom PillowPout Plumping Lip Powder Review

I’m a HUGE Buxom lip product fan. Their Plumping LipLiners are my go to, and still fall back on some of their former matte lippies that they discontinued. Their latest innovation PillowPout Plumping Lip Powder, excited me since I’ve put eyeshadow on my lips before and love that semi-matte sheen finish. An old makeup artists trick was to use eyeshadow on lips, generally for editorial photography for that visually stunning effect. Unfortunately, it’s not actually practical for longwear since eyeshadow on lips doesn’t really last, and past those first few photos it can give a dry, cracky, effect on lips. That said the eyeshadow trend led to several lip powders launching in the last year but most of them came in compacts and require a brush to apply. Buxom’s applicator and idea was much more intriguing.

Buxom’s PillowPout Plumping Lip Powder is the first one I’ve seen in a wand and with the pillow top applicator. The formula gives that sheen but offers a more comfortable and wet application which was a pleasant surprise. That said the product is not without it’s ups and downs. While the packaging is a 10, the formula and shade range are good but not perfect.

First off the shade range — where is the bright pink? I needed more, there’s some winners in here, but the shades I usually gravitate too weren’t included. Then again when only 10 shades launch it’s not easy to please everyone…

Swatched Left to Right here are the 10 shades: Soft Whisper (warm nude), Cozy Up (mauve nude), So Spicy (tawny pink), Cuddle Me (rose), Darling Dolly (true mauve), Want You (deep berry), Spoil Me (cool red), Turn Me On (warm red), Kiss Me (true red), Seduce Me (wine red).

As you can see, the shades are incredibly pigmented but do not exactly match the color stickers on the packaging. The formula promises to be a full-coverage, semi-matte and smudge proof. The formula does a great job of coloring your lips but you need several applications to build the coverage. And while it promises to be long-lasting, It sadly didn’t survive my lunch. It opens with a minty taste, prompting the feel of the lip plumper at work but it didn’t deliver the way some of their other lippies do. I did find though that the finish and sheen did a great job of making my lips look fuller but not because of the plumper. Bottom line, cool concept and fun product but I wouldn’t repurchase.

The BUXOM PillowPout Plumping Lip Powder are $22 and available at Sephora/Sephora.com