Bawdy Beauty Kicks Butt

Sheet masks are all the rage, so is showing off your butt on Instagram (ah excuse me I mean barely-anything-on bikini bottom) #SunsOutBunsOut and yet what are we doing to up keep our derrieres in tact? My brilliant friend, Sylwia Wiesenberg bleeds beauty, inside and out. You may know her from her incredible clean supplement brand, Dope Naturally, you can find it at cool girl stores, like Revolve, Free People and Anthropologie. She just launched Bawdy Beauty, the world’s first sheet mask targeted for your butt and thigh area. At only $8/set she is rocking the beauty industry. Barely out of the gate, and they have been featured on the Today Show, WWD, Brit+Co and won a trendsetter award at Cosmoprof and making headlines every which direction I turn.  Oh and they are very Instagramable…

I’m so proud of her! Expanding the beauty universe to your butt and beyond, Bawdy Beauty has launched an intergalactic brand that carries from the website to the amazing packaging. They can also be found at clean beauty super store, Credo as well as Free People.

As many of you know I’m a formula junkie and all of them are loaded with Glycerin, which is great for hydration as well as specialty ingredients like Marine Algae and 100% plant-based extracts to boost the benefits each mask. All of them are Fragrance Free, and free of parabens, sulfates, detergents, are Vegan and made in the USA.

Their mantra, which happens to coincide with the four butt sheet masks they launched with is: Slap It, Squeeze It, Shake It, Bite It but don’t neglect it… sound advice.

Here are the four butt masks ($8 each) in the line:

Shake It – Marine Algae Butt Mask for Firming and Illuminating

Squeeze It – Citrus Butt Masl for Brightening and Rejuvenating

Slap It – Caffeine Butt Mask for Retexturizing and Detoxifying

Bite It – Plant Based Collagen Butt Mask for Hydrating and Toning

Apply to clean skin, dry skin (just like you would a sheet mask to your face), for 10-15 minutes, after removing massage any leftover serum to your butt, thighs, legs for added value. Do not rinse. The biggest thing I noticed when removing was how soft my thigh area is. Perfect before the beach! Just don’t forget your SPF!

Check them out at