5 Ways to Wear Our Lara Chain Strap

It’s been an awesome few month since we started the Pretty Connected accessories line. We started with camera straps that doubled as bag straps, and now have launched customizable silver bags (more styles coming soon!), BOSS rings, and our chain straps which pretty much do it all.

We have two styles of the chain strap, the LARA and the PATRICIA strap (the Patricia is featured above). Both are bag straps that double as camera straps that you can add charms to and customize. The above Patrica Strap really shows off some of the many charm offerings! The LARA chain strap also works really well as a necklace, waist chain and lanyard and more! So here it is 5 ways to wear the LARA chain:

sony mirrorless camera strap

1. On a camera – any camera with split or D-ring (we also have a converter for point and shoot cameras), works with our straps. I use it on my Sony Mirrorless cameras but also on my Fujifilm Instax Mini 7 instant camera (see above), so I can shoot instant shots on my travels.

2. On a bag (preferably our new customizeable silver bag see 1st photo in this post). It also looks amazing styled on a bag you may have at home for some added edge. How chic does this style look with this white bag below?

3. On anything with a key chain – wallet, keys, wristlet…! Everything is better with a strap on it if it means freeing up your hands so you can hold your drink and phone at the same time. (Or in my case so I can hold me dog — I’m that girl).

4. As a lanyard – With all of the fashion and beauty summits going on, why wear a green ribbon or cheesy cord when you can turn your badge into an accessory. I recently wore mine to the Create and Cultivate Beauty Summit and got so many compliments! I’m also doing a custom order for select VIP Cosmoprof guests which I’m so excited about!

5. As a necklace – Depending on where you place the charms, this makes for a really cool, edgy necklace.

pretty connected camera strap

I wear mine doubled, but Kathryn Dennis from the show, Southern Charm put hers on as a single and I’m pretty obsessed with the styling.

kathryn dennis of southern charm wearing pretty connected lara necklace

We’ve also had fans send really cool photos of them wearing them around their waist. Since it’s not adjustable some have clasped it to their belt loops and others just let it hang. It’s 99cm around so for some it may just fall off without belt loops or be too big/small. Keep the creativity up though (tag us @prettyconnectedshop). I love seeing your posts! Who would have guessed the chain camera strap I once made in my living room would now be manufactured and professionally produced and double as so many great things!

The charms are currently not available on the site, but we do events and also custom orders. Check out the site: prettyconnected.com/shop and feel free to reach out at [email protected] with any requests or questions!