What Microneedling with Radiofrequency looks like!

Microneedling, the popular skincare treatment that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles to stimulate collagen production just got an upgrade! And it involves radio-frequency.  After three treatments my skin was so smooth that makeup just glided over my skin. I saw much stronger results then regular microneedling which made it all worth it in the end but it is a process.

I recently visited JUVA Skin & Laser Center to meet with Dr. Katz and test out the New Intensif Handpiece by EndyMed, which is an FDA cleared device that takes microneedling to the next level. It offers microneedling coupled with radio-frequency for amazing skin tightening effects and works on a deeper level. The unique Intensif technology allows for 3 times the heating volume per pulse. This heat sends a signal to the dermis for skin remodeling — think of it like sending energy down to the skin to wake it up and work harder. Watch the procedure in the video above!

The combination of the microneedling to stimulate collagen production with the radiofrequency for skin tightening makes this an ideal procedure for improving skin texture, sagging and diminishing acne scars.

EndyMed Intensif treatment

While the treatment boosts no down time without bleeding and minimal discomfort it really depends on the needle gauge. I’m a go big or go home kinda gal and wanted the deepest needle so there was moderate discomfort but it’s instant. Think people pricking your skin, it hurts for a second and then it’s done. No lingering pain, but areas like around the nose are very sensitive. On the up side, there is numbing cream applied as a first step and Juva Skin & Laser Center offered me Pro-Nox, aka Nitrous Oxide aka laughing gas which made it easier. I also had very slight bleeding but that heeled by the time I left the office. And again is probably not something you’d notice if you go with a lesser needle gauge. 

Step 1 in EndyMed Intensif is using numbing cream for 30 minutes before the procedure.

As far as down time, it’s mixed. This is a treatment you want to do at least 3 times (3 weeks to a month apart). The results show over 3 month as skin continues to reap the benefits. 

All of my experiences each time differed as far as down time. With all treatments my skin was a red tomato the first hour after the procedure, and then I looked tan and fairly normal. Within 24-48 hours I had slight track marks. I like to let my skin breathe but technically you can wear makeup after 24 hours so it’s easy to cover. My track marks (see below small dots on my face) and skin healing took 3 days to a week and varied each time. 

Track marks from EndyMed Intensif

Breaking out is normal. The first time I did the treatment I had small whitehead’s on my chin, that went away within a few days. The second time, no breakout what so ever. The third time, I broke out on my face like a teenager (and I never break out). Here’s why I think that happened. This machine is incredibly effective and part of restructuring the skin and waking it up is sending the oils or anything happening in your skin to the surface. During the first treatments I was super healthy. I was eating well, sweating and overall in great health. The third treatment I did after a 12 day cruise followed by a wine trip. My body was filled with sugar and who knows what else and I think that contributed to my prepubescent skin issues.  

In any case within a week my skin was back to normal. Within that week my skin was healed minus the acne so I was able to exfoliate and treat it more aggressively then post treatment.   

The story is just to say, keep in mind what happens on the inside of your body effects the outside.  

Overall the biggest difference I saw in my skin was in smoothness and texture. I definitely recommend doing it, but make sure to commit  3-4 treatments for maximum benefits. The team at JUVA Skin & Laser were amazing, everything was super sterile and clean. Before doing the procedure, a consultation is done and this is a great chance to talk about what to expect and as well as the benefits. Lastly, keep in mind you still need to take care of your skin post procedure. Immediately after your skin is healing but within a few weeks my skin was so smooth! Makeup and everything worked better but again I stress you need to take care of your skin. Wear SPF, invest in good skincare, treatments alone will improve your skin but it’s your responsibility to take care of it for the day to day for longer results.

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