Cruelty Free BRÖÖ launches Aromatherapy Lotions + Hand Cream

broo hand cream

Beer in your hair, now barley on your skin. I’ve learned so much from BRÖÖ, the haircare line that took the DIY beer rinse – as in you literally pour a beer in your hair to add shine (the household trick Jackie Kennedy and other glamazons made famous), and based their haircare around. They blend a healthy mix of ingredients with Craft Beer that features malted barley which is jam packed with the B vitamins, proteins, and minerals while the antioxidant rich oils in Hops soothe.

broo aromatherapy lotion and hand cream available at walmart

That barley and hops magic found in beer inspired their new launch into skincare with BRÖÖ  Moods ($7.49), which features three aromatherapy lotions and one hand cream. The lotions are available in three scents, Reboot (Bergamot), Sleep (Lavender), and Unplug (Clary Sage), and a Connect Touch Screen Hand Cream (as in it hydrates and dries so quickly there’s no risk of greasy residue when you swipe right).

The lotions are packed with Barley, which as we established is rich in B Vitamins and proteins to nourish skin, Hops which is antioxidant rich and mixed it with Shea Butter, which is rich in Vitamin E and known to soften dry, rough, skin. The glowing combination is free of synthetic fragrance, silicones, petrolatum, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, phenoxyethanol, PEGS, polyquaterniums, dioxane, dyes and EDTA.

Their cruelty free and all of the above is so important to me since I rescued Charlie, who as some of you know had several skin conditions when we rescued him (and a laundry list of allergies). That dog LOVES to lick my arms and legs – shorts season is coming! So I’m very conscious of what I put on my body since I’m always so nervous about what he ingests.

The hand cream has a similar formula with added Butterfly Bush Extract, which contains phenylpropanoids that promotes youthful and radiant skin. I need it in travel size because it smells amazing, it’s features 100% natural scent of jasmine and lime essential oils, which I love to breathe in as I apply.

Since scent is an amazing way to wind up or down, especially when paired with music, BRÖÖ launched a really cool app (available on itunes) that pairs each scent/mood with music picking the perfect tracks for when you’re ready to UNPLUG, REBOOT or SLEEP.

While each lotion has a special place in my heart, they feature 100% natural fragrance/essential oils, the Lavender is my favorite! It’s so good!

BRÖÖ Moods Aromatherapy Lotions ($7.49 each) and Hand Cream ($7.49) just launched exclusively at Walmart and