Dear Drew, I Love You!

James King, Lara Eurdolian, Drew Barrymore
Photo Credit: @LaurelCreative

I had the best Valentine’s Day! Normally, James and I stay in, pick up pizza and exchange cards. We skip the over priced flowers and grandiose dinners, and now that we have Charlie all we ever want to do is go for walks and snuggle with our puppy. Until we got an invitation to Drew Barrymore’s Valentine’s Day pizza party at her new pop-up, Dear Drew from one of our favorite ladies, Christy Doramus of Crowns By Christy.

Photo Credit: @LaurelCreative

With dates and dogs welcome, James and I had the best time at her soho pop-up. I have always LOVED Drew Barrymore and It’s been so frustrating since I’ve had a few opportunities to meet her through her Flower Beauty collection but I am always out of town. And she’s literally my favorite. There’s something about her kindness that’s so inspiring and magnetic. She was everything I hoped for and more, so literally best Valentine’s Day ever. I had to actually remind myself when we were hanging out that we haven’t met before, since in my head we’re best friends. She’s so warm and makes you feel so comfortable that it’s easy to trick yourself.

Dear Drew is epic! The clothes and accessories are amazing and the space is so instagrammable! I was too distracted by breathing the same air as Drew, otherwise I would have done a full out Charlie photoshoot in that space. The clothes had this amazing girlie vintage vibe to them, and some really hot PJ inspired silk pieces that work out of the bedroom. I wanted everything!

Photo Credit: @LaurelCreative

James let me pick out a Valentine’s Day present, and I got her Sunscape Plate Necklace, which has a beautiful sun landscape drawing on one side and on the back has the JRR Tolkien quote, “Not all who wonder are lost.” Which happens to be one of my all time favorite quotes. There’s a story behind it but that’s a story for another day.

Getting to spend Valentine’s Day with Drew Barrymore, drinking beer and having pizza (thank you Stella Artois + &Pizza), and have James and Charlie there made it the best one ever. Also shout out to Stella Artois for all the work they are doing with!

We also wrote love notes with Tiny Prints and put on custom V-day stamps on them. It was the best!!! The foundation of the Dear Drew collection is based on handwritten letters, snail mail and as Drew describes it, “a love letter to women around the world.” That means a lot to me since I’m big on cards — I get it from my mom! And tragically I have the worst hand writing ever but that doesn’t stop me. Everyone who orders from my new line gets a hand written card, so the fact that Drew is a card writer and encourager is reason number 100000001 why she’s the best ever!

Go check out the Dear Drew pop-up at 14 Crosby Street, NYC. All photos by @LaurelCreative.

I hope you all had an amazing Valentine’s Day!